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Sea Turtle Befriends Plastic Bottle Image
Tantaya the sea turtle is longing for something, only she <!-- /* Font Definitions */ @font-face {font-family:Times; panose-1:2 0 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0; mso-font-charset:0; mso-generic-font-family:auto; mso-font-pitch:variable
15 August 18
Windsor Clive yn ysgol ‘dda' â ‘chymuned gynhwysol a meithringar' Image
Mae adroddiad a gyhoeddwyd gan y corff gwarchod addysg Estyn wedi canfod bod Ysgol Gynradd Windsor Clive yn Nhrelái yn ‘dda' ar draws pob maes a archwiliwyd.
14 August 18
Windsor Clive a ‘good' school with an ‘inclusive and nurturing community' Image
A report published by education watchdog Estyn has found Windsor Clive Primary School in Ely to be ‘good' across all five areas it inspected.
14 August 18
Press Release - Landmark Diversity Conference Landmark LGBTQ+ conference coming to Milton Keynes in October.
09 August 18
Rydyn ni am gael eich barn Image
Mae Cyngor Caerdydd wedi lansio ei arolwg blynyddol sy'n rhoi'r cyfle i drigolion ddweud eu dweud ar wasanaethau cyhoeddus.
02 August 18
We want your views Image
Cardiff Council's annual survey giving residents the chance to share their experiences of public services has launched.
02 August 18
West Country Document Storage Service celebrates 10,000th order Image
  MEDIA RELEASEIndependent West Country Document Storage Service celebrates 10,000th order by opening new space for 10,000 more boxesWhen document storage and management service Filofile recently mark
30 July 18
Australian freight software firm begins building Stockport team   SmartFreight press release - 27 July 2018 Australian freight software firm beginsbuilding Stockport team [Pictured left to right: Josh Cheeseman, Technical Support; Martin Godwin, Technical Administ
27 July 18
Self-made millionaire says her domestic abuse made her who she is today Image
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JULY 25 2018 INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITY:Childhood abuse super survivor, serial entrepreneur and self-made millionaire says the mental scars can fade despite enduring an entire chi
25 July 18
Don't Miss Your July Payment on Account to HMRC  For Immediate Release Don't Miss Your July Payment on Account to HMRC Self-Employed Workers Urged Not to Forget July Tax Payment on Account Ahead of Deadline  The UK's self-employed and those with ea
23 July 18
Diwedd tymor, diwedd cyfnod: Ymddeoliad pum pennaeth hirhoedlog Image
Wrth i'r gatiau gau ar gyfer gwyliau'r haf eleni, bydd pump o benaethiaid hirhoedlog Caerdydd yn gadael eu hysgolion am y tro olaf.
23 July 18
End of term, end of an era: Retirement of five long serving headteachers Image
As the gates lock for the summer holiday this year, five of Cardiff's long serving headteachers will leave their schools for the very last time.
23 July 18
Disgyblion chweched dosbarth ysgolion Caerdydd i gael profiad o fywyd ym Mhrifysgol Yale Image
Mae pump o'r 17 disgybl chweched dosbarth ledled Cymru sydd wedi cael lle mewn gwersyll mawreddog yr haf ym Mhrifysgol Yale eleni yn dod o ysgolion Caerdydd.
23 July 18
Cardiff sixth-formers get to experience life at Yale University Image
Five of the 17 sixth-form students from Wales to secure a place at Yale University's prestigious summer camp this year are from schools in Cardiff.
23 July 18
Self-made millionaire and domestic abuse survivor reacts to new £8m Govt fund for domestic abuse victims Image
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JULY 21 2018 INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITY: Childhood abuse super survivor, serial entrepreneur and self-made millionaire says the scars can fade despite enduring an entire childhood of
21 July 18
HMRC Secret Bank Account Access Proposal Condemned  For Immediate Release HMRC Secret Bank Account Access Proposal Condemned Proposal to Allow HMRC to Access Taxpayers Bank Accounts in Secret Criticised as Unreasonable  One of the UK's leading tax spe
20 July 18