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Charity offers free PPE in response to nurses’ appeal  Saturday 23 January 2021 - for immediate releaseCharity offers free PPE in response to nurses' appeal A charity has offered to provide free PPE in response to an appeal for better protection from the
23 January 21
Innovative centre aims to revolutionise rehabilitation technology for stroke sur Innovative centre aims to revolutionise rehabilitation technology for stroke survivors and other disabling conditions    A cutting-edge centre to develop innovations in rehabili
20 January 21
Charities offer to deliver free PPE    Monday 18 January 2021 - for immediate release Charities offer to deliver free PPE within 48 hoursto keep healthcare workers safe  Three charities have joined forces to ensure UK healthcare workers
18 January 21
Seven tips for property guardians for mental well-being during lockdown Try these free and simple ways to take care of your mental wellbeing - some tips for protecting your mental wellbeing in 2021:
13 January 21
Diweddariad COVID-19 Cyngor Caerdydd: 22 Rhagfyr Image
Mae achosion o COVID yng Nghaerdydd yn parhau i gynyddu. I atal y lledaeniad o’r feirws ac atal y GIG rhag cael ei lethu mae Caerdydd a Chymru dan gyfyngiadau Lefel 4. #CadwchynDdiogel a gwnewch eich gorau i achub bywydau ac #AchubyGIG. Dysgwch sut mae
22 December 20
Cardiff Council COVID-19 Update: 22nd December Image
COVID cases in Cardiff continue to rise. To halt the spread of the virus and to stop the NHS becoming overwhelmed Cardiff and Wales is in a Level 4 lockdown.
22 December 20
Diweddariad COVID-19 Cyngor Caerdydd: 21 Rhagfyr Image
Mae Caerdydd a Chymru dan gyfyngiadau symud Lefel 4 i atal y cyfraddau heintio rhag codi a'r GIG rhag cael ei lethu.
21 December 20
Cardiff Council COVID-19 Update: 21st December Image
Cardiff and Wales is in a Level 4 lockdown to stop infection rates rising and the NHS becoming overwhelmed.
21 December 20
Bob Champion Joins ‘Real Full Monty on Ice' to Raise Awareness of Male Cancer Bob Champion is one of eleven new celebrities to strip off to raise awareness of cancers in intimate areas and highlight the importance of checking your body for cancer.
15 December 20
LEGO Ventures backs family outdoor Christmas interactive game Image
  Sleigh bells ring as Caper announces new Christmas adventure, Snow Season, helping to bring families closer together this holiday season  ●        Snow Season is a series of twelve interactive famil
15 December 20
Generation Green project set to create new jobs, volunteer roles and apprentices Image
 Generation Green project set to create new jobs, volunteer roles and apprenticeships to connect more than 100,000 young people to nature
10 December 20
New puzzle books for those with dementia Image 9 December 2020 Cambridgeshire woman's puzzle books are helping families bond with loved ones with dementiaA woman from Huntingdon,
09 December 20
NEW CAMPING SHOW LAUNCHED - STONELEIGH PARK, WARWICKSHIRE Press Information8th December 2020  NEW NATIONAL CAMPING SHOW LAUNCHEDCome and visit the largest display of tents and accessories   The new National Camping Show, which will take place at Stoneleig
08 December 20
Innovative wrist brace to help arthritis patients set for market Innovative wrist brace to help arthritis patients set for market A unique wrist orthosis created by researchers to enhance the lives of those affecte
03 December 20
Boston, Risman a Sullivan - dewis y bobl ar gyfer cerflun Torwyr Cod Bae Caerdydd Image
Mae tri o chwaraewyr enwocaf rygbi'r gynghrair yn hanes y gêm - Billy Boston, Gus Risman a Clive Sullivan - wedi cael eu dewis i addurno cerflun i goffáu Torwyr Cod Bae Caerdydd.
02 December 20
Boston, Risman and Sullivan - the people's choice for Cardiff Bay Codebreakers statue Image
Three of the greatest rugby league players in the history of the game - Billy Boston, Gus Risman and Clive Sullivan - have been selected to adorn a statue to commemorate the Cardiff Bay Codebreakers.
02 December 20