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Cyngor Caerdydd yn lansio offeryn ar-lein newydd ar gyfer y gymuned gofal Image
Mae gan aelod mwyaf newydd Cyngor Caerdydd gyfoeth o wybodaeth ar flaen ei fysedd ac mae e ar ddyletswydd 24 awr y dydd, yn barod i helpu pobl mwyaf agored i niwed y ddinas, eu teuluoedd a'u gofalwyr
24 June 22
Boris Bikes for London’s couriers: the world’s first electric vehicle ‘dark hub’ Image
Press Release Boris Bikes for London's couriers: the world's first electric vehicle ‘dark hub' launches in Q-Park Leicester SquarePort partners with Q-Park to offer small electric vehicles to the last
23 June 22
Top Showing Producer wins Equine Health Award The Horse Trust Award for Healthiest Body Condition
20 June 22
The Weigh To Win Image
Press Release June 2022#TheWeighToWinAwards for Healthy Body Condition in Show Horses___________________________________________________________________________ The Horse Trust is ramping up their 202
16 June 22
'Sully’, un o feibion Caerdydd, yn cael ei anrhydeddu gan drefnwyr Cwpan Rygbi'r Gynghrair y Byd 2022 Image
Bydd Clive Sullivan, athletwr chwedlonol a aned yng Nghaerdydd a fydd yn cael ei anfarwoli gyda cherflun newydd yn ei ddinas enedigol, yn cael ei anrhydeddu yng Nghwpan Rygbi Gynghrair y Byd eleni
10 June 22
Cardiff’s ‘Sully’ honoured by organisers of 2022 Rugby League World Cup Image
Clive Sullivan, the Cardiff-born sporting legend set to be immortalised by a new statue in his home city, is to be honoured at this year’s Rugby League World Cup
10 June 22
Multilingual answers at your fingertips for women struggling to conceive Image
 Multilingual answers at your fingertips for women struggling to conceiveVicki Renz launched today a revolutionary searchable video guide App in response to females seeking specific answers to their t
09 June 22
Blodau Haul y Ddinas yn blodeuo gyda gofal a sylw Jane Image
Efallai eu bod yn dechrau eu bywydau yn y tywyllwch fel hadau unig, ond os rhowch ddigon o anogaeth gofal iddynt a'u rhoi yn yr amgylchedd cywir, gall blodau'r haul dyfu'n gryf ac yn uchel – a harddu unrhyw ardd
09 June 22
City’s Sunflowers bloom with Jane’s care and attention Image
They might begin their lives in the dark as lonely seeds, but if you give them plenty of nurturing and encouragement and put them in the right environment, sunflowers can grow strong and tall – the pride of anyone’s garden
09 June 22
Sign up for the Herts 10K Image
The legendary Herts 10K race is back this year in person and is the flagship annual fundraiser for Rennie Grove Hospice Care. Help spread the word!
07 June 22
100s of Women to Take Part in a UK-First Adventure Image
The Women's End2End Relay is a hiking challenge stretching the length of the UK from Lands End to John O'Groats. Women from across the nation will help carry the baton across 2,028km and 3,6970m of elevation, launching on the 17th June 2022 in Land's End
06 June 22
UK startup shows human-machine interface tech at AWE US 2022 Image
TG0 showcases button-free eteeController at AWE US 2022. UK human-interface pioneer showcases its patented tech at US extended reality (XR) show.
01 June 22
Healthiest Body Condition in Horses Awards won at Herts County Show for Healthiest Body Condition in Horses_________________________________________________ Last weekend the Royal Vete
30 May 22
Parc Sglefrio newydd wedi'i gynnig ar gyfer Llanrhymni Image
Mae parc sglefrio 'cyrchfan' newydd yn cael ei gynnig ar gyfer Llanrhymni lle byddai parc sglefrio concrid modern yn disodli'r parc sglefrio ffrâm bren presennol ger Canolfan Hamdden y Dwyrain.
23 May 22
New Skatepark proposed for Llanrumney Image
A new ‘destination’ skatepark is being proposed for Llanrumney which would see a modern concrete skatepark replacing the existing timber framed skatepark near Eastern Leisure Centre.
23 May 22
Young adults learn to sail in tough conditions on Scotland’s west coast The Our Isles and Oceans' group of inexperienced sailors witnessed upwards of 30 knot winds in the Sound of Mull today. The Our Isles and Oceans 68-foot Clipper Round the World racing yacht set sail from Tobermory Harbour this morning, with gale winds.
11 May 22