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How Cardiff battled the beast from the east and Storm Emma Image
In the face of freezing wind and rain, blizzards and drifting snow, Cardiff Council staff worked around the clock in response to the severe weather conditions, keeping people safe and enabling the emergency services to function.
05 March 18
Service and weather update - Issued 6.50pm Saturday, March 3 Image
Since last Monday Cardiff Council has spread 500 tonnes of grit with 450 tonnes over the past 3 days alone.
03 March 18
Weather Update - Friday March 2nd, 5.45pm Image
The Cardiff area is now out of the Met Office Amber Weather Warning and has moved into yellow. Conditions, however, remain extremely difficult and we are aware of continued cancellations to public transport.
02 March 18
Cardiff Council Statement – Public safety advice (issued 9.30am, Friday March 2) Image
Due to the poor weather conditions, we would encourage people not to go out unless their journey is absolutely essential.
02 March 18
Update on Council Services - Published 4.20pm, Thursday, March 1 Image
The following information is in addition to thet earlier update
01 March 18
UEFA Champions League Finals Image
All you need to know
11 May 17
All eyes on Cardiff for greatest show on earth Image
IT’S the biggest sporting show on earth this year – and it’s coming to Cardiff
11 May 17