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Contractwr wedi'i ddewis i ddarparu adeilad newydd ar gyfer 'Ysgol Cynefin' a alwyd yn Ysgol y Court gynt Image
Mae Cyngor Caerdydd wedi cyhoeddi mai Kier sydd wedi cael ei ddewis fel y cynigydd a ffefrir i adeiladu adeilad newydd ar gyfer 'Ysgol Cynefin', a alwyd yn Ysgol y Court gynt.
20 March 24
Contractor chosen to deliver new accommodation for ‘Ysgol Cynefin' formerly known as The Court School Image
Cardiff Council has announced that Kier has been selected as the preferred bidder to construct new accommodation for ‘Ysgol Cynefin', formerly known as The Court School.
20 March 24
Major plans for railway's 50th Anniversary Gala announced Image
The Kent & East Sussex Railway has unveiled exciting plans for its 50th Anniversary Gala (Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June 2024), including celebrations around the future extension to Robertsbridge and a visit by famous locomotive Britannia
19 March 24
Let's get the nation planting pants! A new soil health campaign, Plant Your Pants, launches tomorrow alongside new research that reveals disconnect between food and soil among children.Images available here.  PRESS RELEASEEmbargoed until
19 March 24
Is an abusive ex derailing your child's school admission process? Image
Is an abusive ex derailing your child's school admission process?The first quarter of the year is notoriously busy for school admissions as parents up and down the country vie to get their children in
19 March 24
Combining artificial grass and biodiversity for an Instagram worthy space Image
Combining artificial grass and biodiversity for an Instagram-worthy entertaining spaceDuring building and refurbishment works, external lawns can be vulnerable to a lot of damage caused by the to-ing
19 March 24
MANY STRUGGLING TO MAKE ENDS MEET More than one in five (22%) have borrowed money from family and friends in the last year
18 March 24
Cynlluniau ar draws y ddinas i gynyddu ac ailalinio'r ddarpariaeth ar gyfer disgyblion ag Anghenion Dysgu Ychwanegol Image
Mae cynigion cynhwysfawr i wella a chynyddu darpariaeth Anghenion Dysgu Ychwanegol yng Nghaerdydd yn cael eu cynnig o fis Medi 2024, yn dilyn dau ymgynghoriad cyhoeddus a ddaeth i ben ym mis Ionawr.
15 March 24
City-wide plans to increase and realign provision for pupils with Additional Learning Needs Image
Comprehensive proposals to enhance and increase Additional Learning Needs provision in Cardiff are proposed from September 2024, following two public consultations which concluded in January.
15 March 24
Y Cyngor yn cyhoeddi polisi diwygiedig ar dderbyn i ysgolion Image
Mae Cyngor Caerdydd wedi cynnig gwneud newidiadau i'w bolisi derbyn i ysgolion yn dilyn proses ymgynghori gyhoeddus a gynhaliwyd ar drothwy'r flwyddyn.
15 March 24
Council publishes revised school admissions policy Image
Cardiff Council has proposed making changes to its school's admissions policy following a public consultation process carried out at the turn of the year.
15 March 24
Disney On Ice presents Dream big skates into Liverpool Disney On Ice presents Dream Big - an action-packedvoyage skates into Liverpool this spring A magical Disney experience for the whole family, featuring Moana, Frozen andother timeless favourites! 
14 March 24
Kickstart your Spring Clear-Out with Helen Sanderson’s Home Declutter Kit Image
 Kickstart your Spring Clear-Out with Helen Sanderson’s Home Declutter KitAre you looking to plan a thorough clear-out this coming season, but have no idea where to start? You’re not alone. Whether it
13 March 24
Dathlu 60 mlynedd o efeillio gyda mwy o entente cordiale Image
I lawer o bobl Caerdydd, mae'r Boulevard de Nantes yn un o'r ffyrdd mwyaf mawreddog yng nghanolfan ddinesig urddasol y ddinas – tramwyfa eang â choed ar ei hyd yn cynnwys rhai o'n rhyfeddodau pensaernïol gorau.
12 March 24
60 years of twinning celebrated with more entente cordiale Image
For many Cardiff people, the Boulevard de Nantes is one of the grander roads in the city’s majestic civic centre – a tree-lined, broad thoroughfare flanked by some of our finest architectural wonders.
12 March 24
Future cricketing star bowled over by new garden wicket Image
Young lad bowled over with garden cricket wicket installationThe cricketing skills of a potential England player can continue to be nurtured and improved thanks to the installation of a back garden pr
12 March 24