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Relax! Flat Holm’s ‘fearsome’ beetle is harmless! Image
Vampires, werewolves, zombies, the Yeti, Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster. To this list of apparently spine-chilling creatures, can we now add Flat Holm’s flesh-eating beetle?
30 October 23
Cydnabyddiaeth fyd-eang i Gaerdydd wrth iddi ddod y ddinas gyntaf yn y DU i gael ei henwi'n Ddinas sy'n Dda i Blant UNIC Image
Heddiw, gall Cyngor Caerdydd gyhoeddi'n falch fod y ddinas wedi'i datgan yn swyddogol yn Ddinas sy'n Dda i Blant UNICEF - y gyntaf o'r fath yn y DU.
27 October 23
Global recognition for Cardiff, as city is crowned UK's first ever UNICEF Child Friendly City Image
Today, Cardiff Council can proudly announce the city has been officially declared a UNICEF Child Friendly City - the first of its kind in the UK.
27 October 23
World-Renowned British Sculptor Honoured Renowned sculptor Steve Winterburn, known for his exceptional wildlife sculptures and significant contributions to conservation efforts, has garnered widespread attention for his recent projects.
26 October 23
30,000 yn fwy o goed wedi'u cynllunio ar gyfer coedwig drefol Caerdydd Image
Mae disgwyl i 30,000 yn fwy o goed gael eu plannu yng nghoedwig drefol Caerdydd dros y 6 mis nesaf wrth i wirfoddolwyr ymuno â digwyddiadau plannu coed cymunedol sy'n cael eu cynnal ledled y ddinas.
25 October 23
30,000 more trees planned for Cardiff’s urban forest Image
30,000 more trees are expected to be planted in Cardiff’s urban forest over the next 6 months as volunteers join community tree planting events taking place across the city.
25 October 23
Comment on Simpler Recycling from The Recycling Association The Recycling AssociationHeritage House, Vicar Lane, Daventry, NN11 4GDTel: +44 (0) 1327 703223 Fax: +44 (0) 1327 300612Email: paul.sanderson@therecyclingassociation.comWebsite: www.therecyclingassoci
20 October 23
Myfyrwyr prifysgol yn gosod Her Caerdydd Carbon Niwtral Image
Mae rhai o'r meddyliau ifanc disgleiriaf yng Nghaerdydd wedi mynd ati i ddatblygu atebion i'r her o greu Cyngor carbon niwtral.
17 October 23
University students set Carbon Neutral Cardiff Challenge Image
Some of the brightest young minds in Cardiff have set to work developing solutions to the challenge of creating a carbon neutral Council.
17 October 23
Chesterfield vet wins national championship at Horse of the Year Show Image
  SEIB Insurance Brokers - Press Release 13th October 20232 SEIB Search for a Star 2023  IMAGES - Credit 1st Class Images - PLEASE CLICK HERE - SFAS Champs 2023 and SFAS Champs 2023 2 Bolsover vet win
13 October 23
Grand National changes:an improvement but race must still be confined to history Image
"Whilst any improvements to this dreadful race must be welcomed, it doesn't remove the dangers that are still evident on the Aintree racecourse. Animal Aid will still campaign to end this shocking event"
12 October 23
AR Power Furnishes Dunelm Stores with Solar Installations Image
 AR Power Furnishes Dunelm Stores with Solar InstallationsAdvanced Renewable Power (AR Power), a leading solar panel installation company based in Washington, has won a substantial national contract w
10 October 23
Chwilen brin sy’n wedi’i chanfod ar Ynys Echni Image
Mae rhywogaeth brin o chwilen sy’n wedi ei chanfod yn byw ychydig filltiroedd oddi ar arfordir Caerdydd, ar yr anghysbell Ynys Echni, ac mae gwyddonwyr yn credu mai dyma o bosib gadarnle olaf y rhywogaeth yn y DU.
09 October 23
Rare beetle found on Flat Holm island Image
A rare species of ‘skin eating’ beetle has been found living a few miles off the coast of Cardiff, on the remote Flat Holm island and scientists believe it could be the last stronghold of the species in the UK.
09 October 23
Q-Park introduces EV Charging to Windsor Image
Q-Park introduces EV Charging to Windsor Q-Park are delighted to announce the introduction of a new EV Charging Hub which consists of 13 charge points into their Q-Park Windsor Yards parking facility.
02 October 23
❗ Gwybodaeth bwysig am newidiadau i gasgliadau bagiau ailgylchu gwyrdd oherwydd y streic Image
❗ Gwybodaeth bwysig am newidiadau i gasgliadau bagiau ailgylchu gwyrdd oherwydd y streic
29 September 23