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Ailagor Dŵr Gwyn Rhyngwladol Caerdydd Image
Mae Dŵr Gwyn Rhyngwladol Caerdydd yn ailagor i ymwelwyr sy'n archebu ymweliadau ymlaen llaw o yfory, Awst 19, ar ôl cwblhau gwiriadau trylwyr a rhoi mesurau ar waith i sicrhau iechyd a diogelwch cwsmeriaid.
18 August 20
Reopening of Cardiff International White Water Image
Cardiff International White Water is reopening to pre-booked visitors from tomorrow, August 19, following the completion of thorough checks and the implementation of measures to ensure customer health and safety.
18 August 20
Celfyddydau Ymladd Caerdydd yn ailgychwyn eu hyfforddiant yn y cyrtiau awyr agored dros dro ym Mharc Bute Image
Mae Celfyddydau Ymladd Caerdydd wedi symud eu hystod o ddosbarthiadau i'r cyrtiau awyr agored dros dro ym Mharc Bute ger ystafelloedd newid y Gored Ddu gan fod eu lleoliadau dan do arferol wedi cau oherwydd y pandemig.
18 August 20
Cardiff Martial Arts restart their training at Bute Park's temporary outdoor courts Image
Cardiff Martial Arts have moved their range of classes to the temporary outdoor courts in Bute Park near Blackweir changing rooms due to their regular indoor venues being closed due to the pandemic.
18 August 20
RESPONSIBLE OUTDOOR ACTIVITY PROJECT GETS THE GREEN LIGHT   PRESS RELEASE - 17th August 2020FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ordnance Survey (OS) & Outdoor Industries Association (OIA) responsible outdoor activity project gets the green light The pilot research pro
17 August 20
Psychotherapist & author for interview: mental health tips in the Covid era Image
Good afternoon,We'd like to put forward our wonderful client, Dr Serge, for interview consideration if you're planning anything around managing the uncertainty that comes with life in the 'Covid-Era'.
05 August 20
Comics talk about dealing with anxiety during the pandemic Image
Hi , Please find below a press release about our latest podcast episode. We talk to Ben Aldridge about his new book 'How to be comfortable with being uncomfortable', and discuss experiences of anxiety
31 July 20
Awydd Caerdydd i anrhydeddu ‘Torwyr Codau' y ddinas Image
Nod gweithgor newydd a dynnwyd ynghyd gan arweinydd Cyngor Caerdydd, Huw Thomas, fydd dod o hyd i ffordd o anrhydeddu a hyrwyddo hanes arwyr chwaraeon anhygoel Caerdydd, a adawodd eu cartrefi ar drywydd llwyddiant fel chwaraewyr Rygbi'r Gynghrair yng...
22 July 20
Cardiff's desire to honour the city's ‘Codebreakers' Image
Finding a way to honour and promote the history of Cardiff's incredible sporting heroes, who left their homes behind to pursue greatness as Rugby League players in the north of England, will be the aim of a new working group drawn together by...
22 July 20
A new 'hands-off' digital back pain therapy service launches in the UK A new, personalised digital treatment programme to support people with back pain has launched in the UK. The founders believe is a cheaper and more effective solution than regular visits to a chiropractor, physio or osteopath.
22 July 20
SIERRA DESIGNS LAUNCHES NEW METEOR 3000 TENT   Press Information - 21ST July 2020  SIERRA DESIGNS LAUNCHES THE NEW METEOR 3000 TENT Backpacking range exclusively designed for Europe  Sierra Designs, the US brand of innovative outdoor products ha
21 July 20
October: The Silly Thing: Shaping the story of life & death - psychotherapist Image
Hope you're doing well? Please find below information about The Silly Thing: Shaping the story of life and death by psychotherapist and academic, Dr Esther Ramsay-Jones, due for release
21 July 20
Comedians learn how to reduce crime and make young men happier Image
Hi ,Please find below a press release relating to the charity A Band of Brothers. I'd  be very happy to provide more information about the podcast or further photos/ audio clips if you would be intere
17 July 20
IT IS TIME TO GO CAMPING WITH KELTY      Press Information - 16th July 2020 IT IS TIME TO CAMP! - KELTY'S RANGE OF INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS HELP YOU MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR TRIP From the 4th July, campsites have been given the greenlight to re
16 July 20
Yoga & Wellness expert author for interview: Listening through your Hands Image
Therapist, yoga teacher and wellness coach, Carly Chamberlain, is gearing up to release her debut self-help book with Filament Publishing to her yoga community via her website on 15th Jul
13 July 20
Sonia Carley demands support to supply NHS with lipreading and hearing aid face Image
 Sonia Carley demands support to supply NHS with lipreading and hearing aid face masksSonia Carley, founder of Friendly Face Mask, is petitioning for technical and financial support for her unique med
10 July 20