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40686 Bloc Objects Versatile SterlingOSB Zero featured in multi-functional furniture  SterlingOSB Zero from West Fraser is a well-loved material for architects and designers who are looking to incorporate an industrial vibe to work and leisure spaces.
27 February 23
Bio Bitumen -The Safer Asphalt   PRESS INFORMATIONBIO BITUMEN -THE ENERGY EFFICIENT, CO2 NEGATIVE, SAFER ASPHALTQM Recycled Energy (QMRE) has been appointed the exclusive UK distributor of German company B2 Square's Bio Bitumen. Th
21 February 23
Parisian apartment SterlingOSB Zero for industrial chic in compact Paris loft apartment  As one of the most popular as well as romantic cities in the world, Paris boasts premium properties where consultants and clients strive to optimise the space available. An inspiring
20 February 23
A Local Business Has Helped The ‘Turn Up' At - Probably - The World's Oldest Gam Image
 A Local Business Has Helped The ‘Turn Up' At - Probably - The World's Oldest Game Of Football  On Shrove Tuesday at 2pm, the oldest game of football will commence, with the ‘turn up' of the Shrovetid
18 February 23
CaberMDF Industrial 40823February 2023  CaberMDF Industrial - a cut above the rest  CaberMDF Industrial, which is manufactured at the UK's first dedicated site for Medium Density Fibreboard production, delivers high levels of accuracy when being crafted using all types of
15 February 23
O’Keefe appoints new operations manager Please replace yesterday's version of this with the attached and apologies for the inconvenience.OK/032                             O'Keefe appoints new operations managerMichael Bassett boosts O'Keef
14 February 23
Rodriguez Supplies Gears for Cutting-Edge Kongsberg Tool Image
Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems are utilising gears from engineering component supplier R. A. Rodriguez (UK) Limited in their new VariAngle Tool.
13 February 23
Groundforce Shorco adds a 4.5 Manhole Box to its portfolio   GF/233              Groundforce Shorco adds a 4.5 Manhole Box to its portfolioNew 4.5m Manhole Box from Groundforce Shorco fills the gap.A 4.5m Manhole Box that is a sought-after shoring solution wh
10 February 23
41072 West Fraser Rewards 2023 West Fraser's panel products are even more rewarding in 2023!  One lucky customer of the Newark branch of Turnbull builders' merchants ended the year with a brand-new Mercedes van, thanks to the West Fraser Rewards promotion. Andrew Kirkham from ATK Plas
10 February 23
40624 SterlingOSB Zero PrimedPlus SterlingOSB Zero ‘Primed for Action' across the board   Panel product manufacturer, West Fraser, has introduced a new ready-primed version of its industry-leading SterlingOSB Zero board which is ideal for use in a wide range of situations from site hoa
08 February 23
Groundforce Shorco shores up water improvement scheme Click here for the left hand jpgClick here for the right hand jpg GF/232                                                Groundforce Shorco shores up water improvement schemeGroundforce Shorco is provi
03 February 23
Minerals Matter flies the flag during National Apprenticeship Week Image
Over 100,000 young people across the UK will get the chance to discover the wealth of career opportunities open to them in the mineral products industry as part of this year's National Apprenticeships Week.
03 February 23
Farrat’s specialist contribution to “The Mayfair Hotel Megabuild” project Image
   News release: Farrat's specialist contribution to The Mayfair Hotel Megabuild project       Issued: 3/2/23 for immediate release                                                        
03 February 23
EnviroBuild launches Hyperion A-Class Aluminium soffit and cladding system  EnviroBuild launches Hyperion A-Class Aluminium soffit and cladding systemEnviroBuild is proud to announce the launch of its newly designed Hyperion A-Class soffit and cladding system. This versatile
24 January 23
Endurance Doors takes part in TV transformation Endurance® Doors has contributed to a property renovation programme on primetime, mainstream TV. Products from the manufacturer of solid, secure and stylish exterior doors were recently used for a home makeover on Channel 4's ‘Worst House on the Street'
19 January 23
Friends of Blairs Loch Friends of Blairs Loch breathe new life into a recreational and educational paradise in Moray  The Friends of Blairs Loch is a group of volunteers which has created a special place for recreational and educational activities at the Loch of Blairs in Mora
16 January 23