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Des robots patrouilleurs basés sur la passerelle Edge, UNO-2484G d'Advantech... Des robots patrouilleurs basés sur la passerelle Edge, UNO-2484G d'Advantech, sont déployés pour lutter contre le coronavirusTaipei, Taiwan, mai 2020 - Depuis l'apparition du COVID-19, Shenhao Techn
04 May 20
Hoppecke Batteries Now Certified to Have a Longer Service Life Image
Hoppecke Industrial Batteries has announced that its innovative trak | uplift product has been certified by DNV GL to have a cycle life of 1,700 cycles.
30 April 20
CIP hire cybersecurity heavyweight to drive growth ______________________________________________Thursday 30 April 2020 - for immediate releaseCIP sign up cybersecurity heavyweight Earl to drive growthCybersec Innovation Partners Limited (CIP) are del
30 April 20
Filiere Bois : Les Chariots Elevateurs Hyster Sont Prets Pour L'avenir Depuis 90 ans, les chariots Hyster® répondent aux besoins des applications ardues du bois d’œuvre. Mais comment aident-ils les entreprises de manutention du bois à se préparer à l'avenir ?
30 April 20
Future Ready Hyster Lift Trucks for the Wood Industry Hyster® trucks have been meeting the needs of tough timber applications for 90 years, but how are they helping wood handling operations get ready for the future?
30 April 20
Press release: Bus drivers provided with protective facial coverings Image
In response to the plight of bus drivers at risk and dying in staggering numbers because they do not qualify for any protective gear, Tina Wilson, founder of Wingman app, has taken direct action arranging facial protection for drivers at no charge.
24 April 20
EXPANDING HYSTER STACKER RANGE FOR DIVERSE INDUSTRY NEEDS As several new Stacker options launch alongside existing models, Hyster Europe is supporting diverse handling activities in many different warehousing applications.
24 April 20
PR: Digital and logistics paired up to save small businesses from corona closure Image
Helping hand from website and logistics pairing to give smaller businesses a chance at corona survival.
21 April 20
PR: Digital + logistics saving businesses from corona closure Image
How technology and logistics have been paired up to save smaller businesses from corona closure.
21 April 20
Third generation farming business saved by website and new sales strategy Image
How a website and complete new sales strategy has saved a farming company in the South East.
20 April 20
PR: Logistics firm pairs up with digital agency to offer affordable C19 relaunch Image
Logistics firm teams up with digital agency to launch website with ready-made distribution - to help post-coronavirus relaunch efforts
20 April 20
ISARA and CIP partnership offers post-quantum crytographic security     Thursday 16 April 2020 - for immediate release CIP partners with ISARA to offer crypto-agile technology to complement innovative Whitethorn® platform LONDON, UK and WATERLOO, Ontario - (April 16,
16 April 20
Pyroban stops 8-hour maintenance regimes on explosion proof engines Image
Safety company Pyroban® has launched a new series of long-life exhaust flame arrestors to maximise ‘zone 2’ powerpack productivity.
15 April 20
Hyster® Electric Trucks Keep Handling Costs Low in Metal Goods Manufacturing Reliable Hyster® electric lift trucks are helping manufacturers of finished metal goods to reduce damage, and the associated costs, at every stage of their operation, while keeping productivity high
14 April 20
New RTITB Remote Refresher Training for Forklift Operators RTITB is making theory and driver behaviour training available online for materials handling equipment (MHE) operators that need refresher training, but are unable to attend a course for reasons associated with the coronavirus pandemic.
14 April 20
Instant UpRight adds adjustable platforms to low-level access range Image
PRESS RELEASEApril 2020For immediate ReleaseImages suppliedNew X400 low-level platform added to Instant UpRight rangeInstant UpRight, a global provider of Instant Aluminium Tower Systems and aerial wo
09 April 20