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Sara Tye Foundation Launches Empowering Entrepreneurs, Communities, and Society

Sara Tye Foundation Launches - Empowering Entrepreneurs, Communities, and Society

London, UK, 200624 The newly established Sara Tye Foundation for Business Education, Community, and Social Support proudly announces its launch today, setting a course to cultivate entrepreneurial spirit, enhance community empowerment, and drive social change.

With a dynamic blend of educational programs, community engagement, and robust social support networks, the foundation is set to become a catalyst for positive transformation.

Purpose and Vision:

The Sara Tye Foundation is committed to creating an environment that fosters entrepreneurial growth and community empowerment. Through targeted educational initiatives and social support networks, the foundation aims to empower individuals and communities to unlock their full potential and make significant contributions to society.

Application Process:

Every six months the foundation opens the applications process for prospective participants. Interested individuals can apply online form which will go live in the not too distant future.

Leadership and Governance:

The foundation is governed by a board of trustees with diverse expertise:

Chair: George Dixon

Treasurer: James Matthews

Secretary: Georgina East

Trustee: Max Fiorucci

Funding and Financial Stewardship:

Launching with an initial fund of £40,000 and monies accrued will be reinvested to ensure sustainable growth and long-term impact of the fund.

Operational Model:

Operating primarily online, the Sara Tye Foundation minimizes resource requirements and maximizes impact. Periodic in-person meetings will supplement online activities to ensure effective operations of the foundation.

Programs and Definitions:

Business Education: Supporting entrepreneurship, business incubation, social entrepreneurship, and innovation through mentorship and networking.

Community Engagement: Strengthening communities through engagement, capacity building, empowerment, and sustainable practices.

Social Support: Providing direct assistance, advocacy, educational support, empowerment initiatives, emergency response, and fostering collaboration and partnerships.

"Empowering individuals to realize their entrepreneurial dreams while strengthening our communities is at the heart of our mission," said George Dixon, Chair of the Sara Tye Foundation.

"Through our support programs and strategic support, we aim to create a ripple effect of positive change."

Monitoring and Review:

Participants will undergo a comprehensive monitoring and review process to assess their progress and the success of the foundation's programs.

For more information on the Sara Tye Foundation email


George Dixon, Chair

About the Sara Tye Foundation:

The Sara Tye Foundation for Business Education, Community, and Social Support is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial growth, empowering communities, and driving social change.

Note to Editors:

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