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Attendees of a recent workshop, hosted by PR guru, Sara Tye, proved that Swindon businesses are found wanting when it comes to understanding online content.


It was found that only 30% of attendees produce content for their own website and just 18% have content on other sites which include backlinks to their websites.


“This stat confirms what we already know. Businesses lack the understanding of how important online content is to grow their business. Not only did we explain how they can produce great content, but we provided advice on how it can be turned into sharable content to get a better reach on their social media platforms.” said Sara.


The workshop, titled ‘Digital PR, social media and the crucial need for online branding and media coverage’, provided expert advice to businesses on how they can improve their online presence.


When it came to social media, it was found that 90% of attendees post on their platforms with no plan of when to post and what to post. It was revealed that 36% of attendees post on social media daily whilst 18% post multiple times a day.


“We found that only 20% of attendees track the performance of their social media posts. This is vital in the understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Through tracking and monitoring analytics, it’s clear to see the demographic, reach and engagement of each post, and allows you to learn from it.” continued Sara.


The workshop covered the importance of big data, what makes for great sharable content, how to write a press release for your target audience and how to develop a content strategy - something only 27% of attendees have in place.

“It’s integral to be online. Digital PR and online content not only helps’ drive traffic to your website and makes it easier to find your brand on search engines, but it also creates engagement with influencers and potential customers through social media. This workshop provided the essential tips on how to do just that. I am a futurist and I'm not just worried about today but am obsessed with tomorrow.” said Sara. 

The workshop was attended by businesses in and around Swindon and was developed and run by Sara Tye, the award-winning business and organisational development expert and Debbie Graham, SEO content consultant and digital editor of 220 Triathlon, the UK's biggest selling triathlon magazine. It took place at Business West, Swindon.


Ian Larrard, director of Business West, said “We were thrilled to have Sara speak and present her workshop to our members. It is vital for SMEs to have the support of established and successful businesses such as redheadPR to enable them to grow and succeed.”


Sara said, “The event was hugely successful, and we were delighted with the amazing feedback from those who attended. We’ll soon be launching our new training programme covering a variety of topical subjects. Those interested in receiving more information should email”


Sara started redheadPR, the independent South West based PR consultancy 16 years ago and has proven experience on digitally evolving businesses. Sara presents and trains businesses nationally and has sat on many leadership boards.


Off-page, high-ranking coverage from PR is absolutely crucial for those looking to increase their online profile and SEO. Using strategic processes, redheadPR works across all social media platforms, growing them organically and through bespoke methods that will be geared towards its specified audience.


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Founded by Sara in 2003, redheadPR is a dynamic and independent public relations market leader and social media agency based in Swindon, Wiltshire that celebrated 15 years in business last year. 2018 saw the PR agency voted one of the top three marketing agencies in Swindon. The company manages the profiles of blue-chip corporations, products and well-known individuals, blending established and ground-breaking digital techniques for effective, compelling and brilliantly bespoke campaigns for clients.



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