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Aptus reaffirms commitment to design innovation


Press release
February 2024

Aptus reaffirms commitment to design innovation

Specialist supplier of fixings and fastenings to the construction and related industries, Aptus is making a stand on the need to protect original and innovative product design.

The business, which has helped to pioneer a number of advanced product solutions over its thirty year history, has become a signatory of the Anti-Copying in Design (ACID) IP Charter.

Stewart Taylor, managing director at Aptus, explains: "Aptus offers a comprehensive range that includes a number of products such as our timberfix®360 and pro-struct®screws that employ proprietary design features. These unique features deliver major benefits in areas such as speed and ease of use, durability and fixing performance.

"Due to the success of these innovative products, they are occasionally copied and we feel it's important that users have the reassurance of knowing they are benefiting from the real deal and not an inferior imitation.

"Signing up to the ACID IP Charter reflects that commitment to authenticity and demonstrates our support of the need to protect intellectual property and prevent design theft."

With a diverse membership of designers, designer-makers and manufacturers, ACID is the UK's leading campaigner for design and intellectual property (IP) rights.

For almost 25 years, it has been a positive force for change, working to raise awareness and to encourage respect for IP amongst both individuals and organisations.

The ACID IP Charter is a code of conduct and a statement of intent. Its signatories agree to uphold the values of ACID, to advocate product design originality, and to avoid practices such as copying and IP infringement.

Stewart Taylor adds; "We are aware of instances where screws have been marketed and sold as being part of the timberfix®360 range when they're not. Whilst imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, we are concerned about the possibility of users being misled. By becoming a signatory of the ACID IP Charter, we hope to combat that. Signing the charter also builds on our ethical approach and belief in the highest levels of integrity - both of which have helped us to become the trusted fastener partner for customers in a range of areas."

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Notes to editors

  • Established in 1992, Aptus Fastener Systems Ltd is a major UK wholesaler of screws and fixings.
  • For over thirty years, the business has supported the success of customers in a range of sectors - including construction, offsite construction, engineering and landscaping - through the provision of high performance, technically advanced products.
  • Aptus also provides products for resale by builder's merchants, hardware suppliers and specialist fixing and fastener stockists and distributors.
  • The Aptus range is sourced by its expert buying team from around the world. All products are selected based on their suitability for the UK market, are available ex-stock from UK warehouses and are backed by UK-based technical support.
  • Aptus products include the company's bestselling timberfix®woodscrews and its pro-struct®structural timber screws.
  • Aptus offers exclusive products such as HVP connectors and Powerclamps from Pitzl®as well as HECO-TOPIX®screws fromHECO®. It is the sole UK partner for both Pitzl®and HECO®who are globally respected, German manufacturers.
  • The quality of Aptus products is matched by the quality of its service. The company is committed to the highest levels of integrity and to offering honest advice based on hard-won technical expertise. This approach has made Aptus the trusted partner for customers across the UK.