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Shropshire park home owner's anger alleviated with energy payment

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Shropshire park home owner's anger alleviated with energy payment

The owner of a park home who found BBC media fame after highlighting the difference between how traditional brick and mortar homes received their Warm Home Discount compared to park home residents, has happily confirmed that he has now successfully applied for the £150 discount through Charis.

Nick Flatters, who moved into his Cleobury Mortimer park home last year after being diagnosed with a serious illness, assumed that his Warm Home Discount would be automatically paid into his account as it had always been previously. This was in fact not the case, and by the time he realised he had missed the deadline.

"Once I realised my mistake and researched how to apply through the Charis website, it was a simple process," said Nick Flatters. "I feel that there is a discrepancy between park homes and traditional homes that should not be there. It is particularly challenging for older, less computer literate residents who might not have the digital know how to not just find out the information, but actually make the application. As chairman of our residents association, I'm surprised at how many people are still not aware of how to apply".

In collaboration with Ofgem, Charis established the Park Homes Warm Home Discount scheme back in 2015 to bridge the gulf affecting the majority of park home residents who were not in direct contact with their energy supplier, and therefore did not receive an automatic discount.

Charis director of client services, Jonathan Hunt, commented: "Those new to the park home world might not even realise there is a different Warm Home Discount system for park homes. If you don't know you need to look, you won't look until, like Mr Flatters last year, it is too late. It is vital that, alongside the government, Ofgem, and the Park Homes associations across England, Scotland and Wales, we keep up consistent channels of communication to ensure no one misses out on this often vital lifeline. We are very grateful to Mr Flatters for highlighting this issue to his friends and neighbours within the park home communities."

There are an estimated 110,000 park home residential addresses across England, Scotland and Wales. Demographically, these residents, who pay site owners for their electricity usage, are primarily elderly and retired. They are often on restricted incomes and have, in the past, missed out on financial support. Many park homes can also be badly insulated, and residents are often running older, energy inefficient electrical appliances due to a lack of money to replace them with more efficient models. Subsequently, the Park Homes Warm Home Discount can be a lifeline for many individuals and their families who may be spending the winter months at risk of cold home related illnesses due to fuel poverty.

"Many park home owners like myself have moved to these sites to both improve our way of life and escape from the high cost of living in traditional homes," continued Nick Flatters. "This discrepancy should not exist, but it does. Thankfully Charis' system is relatively simple to use, and within the park home community we like to look after our neighbours and give help and support when necessary".

Due to the limited nature of the funding, applications are assessed on a first come, first served basis, and once all funding is allocated, the scheme will be closed.

Application details for the Charis Park Home Warm Home Discount Scheme:

Park Homes | Warm Home Discount Scheme | Charis (


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