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Immediate relief for vulnerable patients living in cold homes

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Charis Winter Warmth bundles provide immediate relief for vulnerable patients living in cold homes

For teams working in the health and care sector, whether for NHS hospital integrated discharge departments or care in the home agencies covering the UK, Winter Warmth bundles for vulnerable beneficiaries and patients living in cold homes can be arranged quickly, easily and cost effectively through the Charis Shop platform.


Too often vulnerable people who are already struggling with ill health, are also struggling with fuel poverty. The frustration for care agencies is to help these people in a way that is cost effective, fit for purpose and convenient. The Charis bundles contain a range of energy efficiency measures, heated wearables and soft furnishings which provide immediate relief from the cold. Through the Charis Shop, agencies can order exactly what is needed and have it delivered direct to their patients and clients.


"The cost of living and energy costs are still biting deep for households at risk of fuel poverty, and the effects are magnified when you are suffering from ill health.," commented Charis director of client services Jonathan Hunt. "Living in a cold home is physically debilitating for people, which makes recovery from ill health more difficult. This further damages their mental wellbeing. Through partnering up with agencies across the health and care sector patients can experience immediate relief from the impact of cold homes due to the carefully curated contents of the bundles." 


Each bundle is designed to solve a particular problem. The Heat the Home package includes simple to install radiator reflector foil, insulation film and draught excluder for improved warmth retention. The Heat the Person products include heated throws, blankets, body warmers, gloves and rechargeable hot water bottles that provide comfort and immediate relief from the cold.   


Oil filled radiators, air fryers and slow cookers are also now available through the shop. As well as helping beneficiaries reduce their heating and cooking expenditure, they can be invaluable if a heating system breaks down or a conventional oven is out of operation. 


Organisations can open a Charis Shop account free of charge giving them immediate online access to the bundles as well as a huge range of energy, food and retailer vouchers, appliances and devices, and other products to help alleviate hardship for vulnerable beneficiaries.  



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