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Combining artificial grass and biodiversity for an Instagram worthy space

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Combining artificial grass and biodiversity for an Instagram-worthy entertaining space

During building and refurbishment works, external lawns can be vulnerable to a lot of damage caused by the to-ing and fro-ing of various workers and equipment. That is what happened at this stunning hilltop property in Higham in Kent. Luckily, Artificial Lawn Company was soon able to come in and create sustainable finishing touches to the perfect garden for entertaining without compromising on the football kids' freedom to kick a ball about.

By installing its40mm Active artificial lawn product, the company was able to level out what was previously a garden with a relatively steep, unpractical gradient. The result was a gently sloping hilltop garden with outstanding views. Bordering the garden was a purpose-built garden room and outside kitchen.

The Active Lawn was used due to its excellent durability, no matter how much wear and tear it experienced. This family loved entertaining and wanted a space that was going to be welcoming and embracing all year round. At the same time, the children wanted to continue to be able to use the area to kick about a football without worrying about damaging the aesthetics. The dual purpose of this garden was wholly satisfied by the Artificial Lawn Company's Active Lawn, which fulfilled all criteria with no compromise.

The garden itself was enclosed by recycled timber clad raised beds and decking, which had been filled with a wide range of plants and encouraged biodiversity. The longevity of the Active Lawn grass, and the fact that at the end of its life it can be lifted and recycled into a completely new range of products, satisfied the environmental concerns of the family.

Its low maintenance properties were the icing on the cake. This busy family was too busy enjoying spending time with family and friends to waste long hours pushing a lawnmower up and down. A quick sweep up and hose down every now and then was more than enough to keep their new garden looking fresh, sharp, and welcoming to all.


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