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Best Ways to Clean Artificial Grass

Best Ways to Clean Artificial Grass

As spring starts to wake itself up, your artificial lawn is going to need a bit of a spring clean. Artificial Lawn Company's Sam Baylis highlights the key points you need to remember when opening your garden up again for the warmer months.

The beauty of fake grass is that it needs so little maintenance to keep it in good shape. When you consider that it can last for more than 15 years without losing its colour and texture, with no watering and no mowing, it can seem too good to be true. However, after a wet and windy winter, there are some tasks that should be carried out to maintain that longevity.

Keeping it clear of debris, such as leaves and twigs, is an important job. This can be done quite simply with a broom (if you want to exercise) or a leaf blower. A stiff brush every now and then will also lift the pile after heavy use and keep it looking its best for longer.

Fake grass for dogs and other pets requires no more additional attention than natural grass. If you have a dog, you will want to wash it down as and when required. Poos can be picked up in the same way as you would when out walking your dog. With real grass, dog pee can cause the grass to turn an unsightly brown or yellow. Artificial grass does not discolour but the occasional hosing down will help reduce the risk of any odour build-up.

Can you clean artificial grass with washing-up liquid?

It is best to avoid using any harsh chemicals or bleach when cleaning fake grass, but some purpose made grass cleaners and diluted Jeyes fluid can be used. There are lots of suitable enzymatic based and kennel cleaners which can be used. But we find the best approach is always to get the hose out occasionally in the warmer months and use a brush to break up and rinse away any spillages or mess.

Can you pressure-wash fake grass?

We suggest avoiding the use of high-pressure washers to clean fake grass. In the same way that you should not use a vacuum cleaner, the pressure (either through suction or outward pressure) will disturb the infill sand. If no infill sand was used, then pressure washing or even a vacuum can be used.

Brushing with a stiff-bristled brush will always be the best solution, with a gentle spray from a garden hose if there are more persistent spillages to contend with.

Can you make fake grass look like new?

A good artificial lawn supplier will fit your fake lawn with a minimum 10-year guarantee so that durability and resistance to wear and tear is built into the product quality. A good quality lawn will contain synthetic fibres that are resistant to UV sun rays, so it will not discolour in any way, no matter how harsh and hot the summers are. With simple, regular maintenance, your fake grass will look new all the time.  


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