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A low maintenance evergreen neighbourly transformation



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A low maintenance evergreen neighbourly transformation

Artificial Lawn Company is proud to showcase an example of a small but perfectly formed ‘double' residential lawn installation project which solved the problem of dry, yellow, parched patches of grass, replacing them with lush, evergreen front gardens. These neighbours worked together to decide on a solution that improved the overall look of the area.

In urban residential areas finding the right balance between aesthetics and maintenance can often lead to a mishmash of solutions that creates visual disharmony between neighbouring houses. These two homeowners in Gravesend however joined forces to transform collectively their front gardens using Artificial Lawn Company's Supreme lawn - combining low maintenance with a luscious, green finish which enhanced the street as a whole.

The homeowners were keen to replace the existing lawn, which was looking patchy, dry and discoloured. It had proven impossible to maintain to a high standard, despite being regularly nurtured. Returfing with natural lawn was considered, but it was felt that this would require a high degree of work to keep it in peak condition especially with the increasing number of hosepipe bans. An artificial alternative was decided upon due to its maintenance free benefits.

Both neighbours can now come home from work all year round safe in the knowledge that they do not have to spend their weekends mowing and watering their front garden.


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