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RARUK Automation Announces New Partnership with Vention

RARUK Automation Announces New Partnership with Vention

Leading automation distributor RARUK Automation has announced a new partnership with Vention. The new deal will enable RARUK Automation to offer Vention’s high-quality, custom framework solutions for robots to UK customers.

With headquarters in Montreal, Vention’s products are used in over 2,000 factories across 5 continents. The company aims to help innovative manufacturers automate their production floor quickly and to their exact specifications.

Vention’s equipment complements and will be offered alongside RARUK Automation’s range of Universal Robots collaborative robots (cobots), Mobile Industrial Robots autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and other automation products. The custom robot equipment can be used to support applications including surface finishing, bin picking and machine tending, all of which RARUK Automation currently offer as off-the-shelf application solutions. In terms of mobile robots, Vention also offer top modules and docks for AMRs.

Using Vention’s browser-based Manufacturing Automation Platform (MAP), businesses can design their own automation equipment. As a result of the new partnership, customers will now be able to receive assistance with the design process from RARUK Automation, as it can be completed entirely in-house by the company’s experienced technical team. Vention’s design library also features a range of framework options, which can be customised or purchased as standard items.

The modular equipment is comprised of aluminium extrusions that rank best-in-class in terms of structural rigidity and precision. All of Vention’s extrusions come in the brand’s distinctive blue colour, suitable for 3D scanner and photometry applications. All equipment arrives ready to be assembled, with no further manufacturing required.

Peter Williamson, Managing Director of RARUK Automation, says: ‘As one of the world’s leading UR distributors, RARUK Automation has wide experience in assisting customers with automating their processes. The partnership with Vention will allow RARUK to provide even more flexible solutions.’