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Ex Tesco and Boots buyer launches book on how sell

Do you want to sell more and sell better?

Ex Tesco and Boots buyer launches book on how sell


We are all in the business of selling, whether we are an entrepreneur selling products or services, an individual in a job interview or even a journalist selling an features idea to an editor! 

But how people buy has changed dramatically and it's time for a new approach to selling especially business to business (B2B).



Best-selling business author, Karen Green is back with a new book Buyer-ology® - know your buyer, sell more and sell better, which explains how the modern world of buying has changed and how we need to adapt our selling strategies for greater success by better knowing our buyers.


Karen has created the unique Buyer-ology® matrix which provides a new, yet simple, framework on how to build a profile of your target customer and then a 5-step process that uses this knowledge to create the perfect pitch for every situation. 


By using this matrix, sales success rates are dramatically improved whether that is getting an email response, creating the right sales proposal or delivering well to ensure repeat orders.


Karen says "I have been on both sides of the table both as a Tesco and Boots retail buyer and then selling back to them, working for food manufacturers.  I totally understand what works and what doesn't and how you can maximise success at every step of the process"


The book is already pre-selling like hot cakes and is at number 3 in the Kindle sales and marketing section out-selling competition with some leading international names.


"Small businesses have had a tough time over the past few years but those that have survived are now very much in sales mode. They want to sell well and to sell to bigger clients and brands. This book will be an essential read and is written by an expert who knows how it's done and understands the time and budget restrictions against which small business owners operate. I commend this to any founder looking not just to survive but to thrive over the years to come." Emma Jones CBE, Founder of Enterprise Nation


Karen is also author of the best-selling book "Recipe for success - the ingredients of a profitable food business" which was shortlisted for the Business Book awards 2018. She is a regular keynote speaker as well as an expert contributor in the media, most recently on LBC Radio and regular contributor to The Grocer magazine.


"Read this book if you want more people to buy from your business. A deeper understanding of human behavior is what's missing in most marketing and sales initiates. Whether you're selling a cup of coffee or corporate consulting packages, Buyer-ology brings the focus back to what is happening in the mind of the person who is exploring their options."

- Daniel Priestley, CEO Dent Global and author of many business best sellers



Notes to Editors:


About Karen Green

Karen Green worked as a successful retail buyer for Tesco and Boots, before crossing the table and working as a Commercial Director - covering everything from Christmas puddings to Sushi.


Karen now uses her vast experience to help entrepreneurs, to scale-up and achieve profitable growth through selling more and selling better. Her clients have had successes range from launching to Harrods and Tesco to signing deals with Nike and Amazon


Press copies of her book are available upon request.