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Get your hair perfectly prepped for summer



Get ready for summer:

Perfectly prepared for summer with RINGANA


It's arriving slowly but surely - the summer! Now we need to optimally prepare our hair and skin for the warm weather because the increasingly intensive sun's rays, salt water, or chlorine in swimming pools can damage not only our skin, but also the hair and scalp. Apart from wearing a head covering and sunglasses, and regularly applying sunscreen, RINGANA has the following tips for you:


Tips from head to toe


Ein Bild, das Text, Toilettenartikel enthält.Automatisch generierte BeschreibungTip 1: Start summer with a haircut and use mild grooming products:

This removes split ends which, combined with the environmental impacts in summer, can give your hair a frizzy look and lead to hair damage. Apart from wearing a head covering - especially around midday - we recommend using special hair care products to preserve the hair's natural protective layer and its natural beautiful shine

When our hair is exposed to salt water, sand and chlorine, it loses a lot of its protective oils which can lead not only to hair breakage, but also to scalp irritation.RINGANA FRESH shampoois the perfect way to deal with this: it cleans the hair with mild sugar tensides, while our specialNBC-7 complexsupports the scalp's natural microbiome and relieves irritation and itching.

FRESH shampoo - 200 ml £17.23

FRESH hair treatment


Tip 2: Don't forget the hair conditioner!

FRESH hair treatmentfrom RINGANAis much more than a conditioner - it's a veritable all-rounder! Containinginchi oil, it helps to restore the hair's natural protective layer, while a special heat-and-colour protection complex based onbambooandturkey-tail funguswill help to preserve colour throughout the summer. Whether you use it in wet or dry hair, as amaskor as acare productin between times, FRESH hair treatment ensures that your hair is shiny and perfectly groomed, and it prevents potential hair damage caused by summer-related environmental impacts.

FRESH hair treatment - 125 ml - £23.32


Ein Bild, das Text, Toilettenartikel enthält.Automatisch generierte BeschreibungTip 3: Protect facial skin from the sun's increasing strength:

Daily sun protection should now become an integral part of your morning routine.FRESH sunscreen face SPF 15protects the sensitive skin of the face and neckline from harmful exposure to the sun with natural zinc oxide and cotton extract. Substances from white horehound and maritime pine combat environmental influences that harm the skin, and strengthen the skin's protective barrier. Thanks to the perfectly balanced formulation with sun protection factor 15, this sun cream is quickly absorbed, leaving your face with a matt finish, and it feels pleasantly light on the skin.FRESH sunscreen face SPF 15, £27.75

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Tip 4: Even-looking skin with lots of movement, and a pre-tanned, well-groomed complexion

Now it's time to remove dead skin cells and help the skin to renew itself.FRESH scrubwith its natural exfoliating grains such as loofah, pomegranate seeds and bamboo boosts circulation and ensures a radiant, rosy complexion - entirely without microplastic.FRESH scrub 125 ml  £39.67

Ein Bild, das Text, Toilettenartikel enthält.Automatisch generierte Beschreibung

Ein Bild, das Text, Toilettenartikel enthält.Automatisch generierte BeschreibungRegular movement in combination with firming body care will help to even out the skin's appearance. Try pairing your favourite sport withFRESH overnight body treatment. This product is applied in the evening to the body's "problem zones" and massaged in. It stimulates collagen synthesis, cell renewal and skin metabolisation. Your figure will become smoother and firmer, cellulite and stretch marks are reduced overnight.FRESH overnight body treatment, 125ml, £62.81


Pre-tanned skin is less sensitive, and you can get it with FRESH after sun & tan booster. This product helps you to prepare for the sun because the natural erythrulose it contains gives your skin a delicate (pre-) tan, while an extract of Porphyridium cruentem alga boosts natural melanin production. FRESH after sun & tan booster, 125ml, £23.84


Tip 5:  Boost your inner defences

Ein Bild, das Diagramm enthält.Automatisch generierte BeschreibungIn the same way that a sunhat or sunglasses can protect us on the outside from too much sun, our inner "sunshade" can be boosted with a daily food supplement:CAPS protectprovides support against sun-related skin-ageing. With antioxidant ingredients such as blood orange extract and green tea extract, they offer natural protection against cell damage caused by oxidative stress, or photo-ageing caused by UV rays.CAPS protect, 90 capsules, £55.33







Founded in 1996, RINGANA is a pioneering Austrian company in the natural skin care and food supplements industry. RINGANA meanwhile employs over 500 people and achieved net turnover of around 178.1 million euro in 2021. The cornerstones of RINGANA's success are: freshness, efficacy and sustainability. The products are vegan and contain no artificial preservatives or additives. They are manufactured at RINGANA's new facility in St. Johann in der Haide and are shipped from there to international customers in 34 countries.