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Prime Vision at Parcel+Expo 2022


Prime Vision: the latest in vision and robotics for sorting centres

Computer vision and autonomous robots for maximum efficiency and flexibility

Dutch company Prime Vision, global specialist in computer vision integration and robotics, will demonstrate their robotic sorting system at the Parcel+Post Expo 2022 in Frankfurt (18 - 20 October ‘22). The ‘Robin' robots use the latest recognition, identification, and robotics techniques to optimize the automation of sorting processes. Prime Vision will be exhibiting at booth 4020.

As one of the company's latest innovations, the Robins have been designed to quickly and flexibly scale up sorting operations and thus future-proofing them. This low-threshold solution can be set up in a short time period: Prime Vision installed 700 of them in the last three months of 2021, at dozens of sites across the United States, to absorb the end-of-year peak in sorting centres.

The robots are one of many Prime Vision's solutions for the postal and parcel industry. The company's solutions have in common that they are based on decades of gaining knowledge of, and experience in, computer vision; Prime Vision's core business.

Exhibition visitors are cordially invited to the Prime Vision booth, to attend one of its demonstrations and discuss the newest solutions in computer vision and robotics for any sorting operation.