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Professional Plumbers Give LOCTITE Their Seal of Approval


In common with many other plumbing professionals, Euan Ross and Scott Enfield, have experienced the downside of using traditional tapes or hemp and paste combinations to seal threaded joints.  However, by switching to LOCTITE® 55 pipe sealing cord from Henkel, both   have confirmed it now takes them a fraction of the time to create a secure and clean seal.


Based in the Scottish borders, Euan set up his own company in June 2021.  He covers all areas of plumbing from bathroom renovations to boiler replacements and is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve his customer offer.


"At my previous employer, the plumbing methods were a little old fashioned, using hemp and paste on cylinders, and PTFE tape on threads, that kind of thing," he explains.  "When I started my own business I came across LOCTITE 55 at a distributor and gave it a try.  I found it absolutely brilliant and haven't looked back."


He continues: "It is particularly great for designer radiators, which are becoming incredibly popular today.  There is nothing worse than seeing an end of PTFE tape sticking out.  In contrast LOCTITE 55 is extremely neat."


The application of LOCTITE 55 is quick and easy.  Plumbers simply wind the sealing cord onto the first pitches clockwise and cross over the threads; the pack advises the correct number of turns for the application.  It's then just question of cutting the cord using the dispenser's cutting device and pressing the loose end onto the thread before securing the fittings.  Job done.


"I don't use anything else now for either metal or plastic pipes, just LOCTIE 55," Euan reports. "It needs no cure time and delivers an immediate, full pressure seal.  It also allows reliable re-adjustments and I can back it off without leakage to align the fitting.  I'm really happy with the product."


Scott Enfield, a professional plumber covering Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk, is equally impressed.


"Like most plumbers, I come from a world dominated by PTFE tape for sealing threaded joints.  Problem is, you never know if it is going to be effective," Scott explains.  "The number of times I've filled up a system and it hasn't held, made me determined to find a different solution.  I was fed up with breaking work down and starting again, so I looked online and came across LOCTITE 55 pipe sealing cord."


"If I do anything involving a thread these days, I immediately reach for LOCTITE 55.  I don't even think about using anything else," Scott concludes.  "LOCTITE is failsafe and comes off the roll easier than PTFE tape.  I have total confidence in the product.  After making a joint and filling a system I don't even need to look, I know the threads are sealed.