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LOCTITE Technical Webinar: Wednesday 12th October 2022


Wednesday 12th October 2022, 10:00 to 11:00 am

Component bonding with instant adhesives continues to drive innovation in the way products are designed and made.  Henkel, under its leading LOCTITE® brand, has been a major contributor to this trend, not only through the continuous development of adhesives to meet new needs, but also in recommending design solutions to take full advantage of the method's many benefits.

Designers and manufacturers can now tap-in to this wealth of expertise on a webinar dedicated to instant component bonding.  Scheduled for Wednesday 12th October, the event will be hosted by Henkel's Dr. Julie Joseph and Håkan Jacobson, both technology specialists in this burgeoning field.

Attendees will see real world examples of how dissimilar materials can be effectively joined with instant adhesives.  This ability allows materials to be selected for their respective performance qualities rather than their compatibility with the joining method; plastics, metals and composites can be freely combined.

The adhesive also creates uniform distribution of stress over the entire bond face achieving a highly positive effect on static and dynamic stress, contributing to the durability and reliability of the end product.  And, as the join is relatively invisible, the aesthetics of the product are also considerably enhanced

The webinar will also introduce manufacturers to the latest generation of LOCTITE adhesives.  Henkel has broken ground on multiple fronts by developing a range that addresses the very latest demands in product design and manufacturing as well as sustainability and worker safety.

One of the main attributes of these latest products is their ability to improve occupational safety through a reduction in hazardous chemicals, without sacrificing performance.  Spearheading the range is LOCTITE 402 that builds on this foundation with even faster fixture speed and superior heat performance.  Those who attend the webinar will have the opportunity to receive a sample of this highly innovative product.

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