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TEROSON - Vehicle Collision Repair Products At-A-Glance


The ability to achieve an OEM-standard vehicle repair in the shortest possible time has driven an increasing number of bodyshops to adopt the Henkel Collision Repair System.   Comprising products from the company's leading TEROSON® and LOCTITE brands, this comprehensive range is now the subject of a pocket guide that introduces the reader to the key players in each product category.

These products are easy and quick to use, saving time and money.   They create a finish that ensures excellent durability and corrosion resistance. The company has decades of experience working with automotive OEMs to create products for vehicle manufacture many of which are included in this aftermarket range.

The guide subdivides the Henkel Collision Repair System into five main sections and the first covers seam sealing, metal rebuilding and coating.  A hugely popular product in this group is TEROSON MS 9230 SF, an OEM-approved SMP-based chemical-curing sealant that can replicate all types of seams directly from the dispenser.

TEROSON EP 5055 is one of the top performers in the replacement section that encompasses panel and structural bonding as well as products that minimise noise and vibration (NVH).  TEROSON EP 5055 is a structural bonder that is able to join dissimilar substrates while offering structural integrity and excellent corrosion protection.

The third section in the guide is devoted to plastic repair, hybrid adhesives, smart repair and body fillers.  One of the most innovative products in this range is LOCTITE 3090, a two-part, fast curing, gap-filling hybrid adhesive.  It is ideal for the assembly of parts with varying or undefined bond gaps up to 5mm, or for applications where the complete cure of excess adhesive is a must.

Sections on cleaning, priming and equipment complete this useful guide. Entitled Collision Repair Essential, it is available from the Henkel sales office on 01442 278100 or via pdf download at