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Wheelfreedom lives up to its name with popular Efoldi range







Efoldi's travel scooters and power chairs are proving to be a hit at the new Wheelfreedom showroom in Surrey.

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The Chessington-based supplier is living up to its name by helping customers find freedom with this award-winning range. Always on the lookout for innovative solutions to mobility problems, Wheelfreedom was keen to offer a travel scooter that's impressed industry experts and users alike.

Proving to be life-changing for customers, the innovative Efoldi scooters and portable power chair are the lightest in the world— fitting into even a small car boot for day-to-day use, family days out, or staycation holidays. The plane-friendly products are also opening up the world for users looking to travel abroad. They can be driven right up to the plane door, with the scooter or power chair being folded up like a cabin-sized case and stored away in the cargo hold, until arrival at the next destination.


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 Efoldi power chair
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Despite being so light itself, the Efoldi range has a surprising 19 stone weight limit. It's enabling users to navigate shops and restaurants with ease— and the range features a road-legal model. The fact that Efoldi scooters are so light makes a huge difference to users themselves— as well as their travel companions, who may also struggle to lift other heavier types of equipment which may be more difficult to store and transport. The pneumatic tyres and suspension on the Efoldi models also provide for good levels of comfort. The handy attendant control on the power chair is also unique, and a particularly useful feature.

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Proud to stock one of the UK's most comprehensive, carefully selected mobility product ranges, Wheelfreedom staff are surprised to hear customers asking to try the Efoldi in particular. "This demonstrates a level of brand recognition that's almost unheard of in the mobility sector," says Founder and Director, Giles Donald. And he feels this is in part due to the inspiring story of its creator. When the renowned designer and inventor, Jianmin Wang, lost his mobility in a work-place accident, he simply couldn't find a mobility scooter that was easy to use, safe, and comfortable - but also lightweight and portable. Undeterred, Jianmin set about inventing his own, winning the backing of Richard Branson and ‘The British Invention of the Year' award in the process!

 Giles Donald - Director at WheelFreedom
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Giles also credits Efoldi's marketing strategy, which directly targets the customer, creating pull-through for local retailers. "Again, this is unique in the mobility sector. Many other mobility product manufacturers choose to rely solely on retail partners to market their products for them at a local or regional level. So, from our point of view, it's great to have people coming in who are excited to try out an Efoldi product".


Like Efoldi, Wheelfreedom also does things a bit differently— operating a strict ‘no commission' policy for the entire team. This means staff adopt a totally impartial approach to ensure that the product offering matches the exact needs of the customer.


Impressed with the dedication and passion of the small team at Efoldi, Giles finds the staff eager to help and easy to communicate with.  "They're always eager to resolve any issues and have a quick turnaround when it comes to supply of spare parts. I think this reflects their specialisation and focus on customer service. They come across as very passionate and motivated. And Efoldi is also very much focused on supporting a smaller network of carefully-selected dealers to ensure they maintain high levels of exclusivity for their products"


Similarly, it's a customer-centric approach that drives Giles' own business. For example, Wheelfreedom kept running its vital repair service during lockdown. "It would've made financial sense to close and furlough staff", says Giles. "But our customers rely on their equipment even just to get around their homes, so we felt a sense of duty in maintaining it for them during such a difficult time". 


"As always, customers will remain front and centre of everything we do at Wheelfreedom. Thankfully, with the vaccination programme starting to have a positive impact, we are starting to see people visiting us once again, seeking to enjoy the freedom that our mobility solutions can provide. With regards to Efoldi in particular, we're really excited by the level of unit sales so far. I'm feeling confident we'll see even greater levels of demand, particularly as travel restrictions continue to relax".


For more details, visit: or contact the Efoldi team on 0800 138 2878.



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Efoldi is home to the world's lightest folding mobility scooter & power chair. Recognised as leaders in the design of portable scooters and wheelchairs, Efoldi strive to help people rediscover their freedom and independence. Their award-winning mobility solutions are not only easy to store and transport, they help make travel simple and achievable.

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