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Poetry book to support mothers that go through the trauma of miscarriage
 Poetry book to support mothers that go through the trauma of miscarriage

Vicki Renz announced today her upcoming poetry book to be available on 19th January 2021. It will be in high demand as this type of support is much needed and already has a lot of requests – pre-order your copy here. Vicki is hosting a book launch and event on Tuesday 19 January 2020 – get your event invitation here.

With 1 in 4 pregnancies ending in miscarriage that’s 40 million miscarriages A YEAR as there are an estimated 130 million births worldwide annually.  At least 50% of women suffer in silence and 1 in 10 known cases battle with severe depression.

Recent research has been conducted by Vicki Renz of Oh My Mama Body, a platform supporting pregnancy, postpartum and miscarriage topics.

Miscarriage is a hugely taboo topic. You only need to look at the backlash received by Chrissy Teigen recently when she bravely stood for women and openly spoke about her miscarriage.

Oh My Mama Body is passionate about breaking the taboo around the topic of miscarriage, helping women to find their voices instead of suffering in silence.  

  • 100% of women who have miscarried admit that the words (or lack of words) of others can be most harmful. From uncaring medical terms such as „just a bunch of cells“ to unsympathetic family members saying „at least you know you can get pregnant“, to people saying nothing at all because it feels too awkward.
  • 50% of women prefer to remain silent and not mention their miscarriage. Miscarriage is shrouded by feelings of shame, guilt and unworthiness. Women are left feeling like a shell of their previous self, walking around hollow on the inside and showing a brave face to the outside world.

As well as giving birth to 2 healthy boys Vicki experienced five miscarriages and knows just how distressing it is to be on the receiving end of ill-considered and unsympathethic remarks.

1 out of 10 women who contact Vicki after experiencing early pregnancy symptoms, end up miscarrying. With lockdowns in place during 2020, Vicki has seen hundreds of women contacting her on her YouTube with worries about pregnancy.

  • Healing After Miscarriage, a book of poems is the perfect gift of consolation. For those who want to show that they deeply care but can’t find the words for the situation.
  • The depth of feeling and emotion in the poetry and illustrations of Healing After Miscarriage touch the soul where it is needed most.

Vicki is making huge steps forward in breaking the silence, stigma and shame around miscarriage. She has recorded two episodes with the TryingAgain podcast and has a further two planned with the LoveAfterLoss podcast. Furthermore she recently received coverage in The Independent.

Vicki spent hundreds of hours studying healing techniques to help her recover from miscarriage. She has created an online course and coaching programme to guide women on their pathway through grief to wholeness, based on the techniques which worked for her:

  • Understanding the cycle of grief
  • Guiding women through their trauma
  • Deep healing and communicating with your baby
  • Discovering your personal pathway out of the cycle
  • Stepping into your full empowerment

When asked about the book, Vicki said, “I became acutely aware that so many women were suffering at the perceived cruelness of words at a time when they are already feeling traumatised and distressed. I really felt that a gift of consolation is something that would help so many women with their emotions. To have a safe place of solace and comfort, where they feel understood and supported.“

She continued “what’s more, it is meant as a gift that people close to them can give, when it is hard for them to find the words and want to show that they care”.

Vicki’s “Oh My Mama Body” YouTube channel is growing fast, heading towards 3500 subscribers already. Her video “12 Little Known Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms” hit 250,000 views in June. In response to hundreds of comments, Vicki produced shorter videos covering early pregnancy symptoms and miscarriage to really help women understand their bodies.

One of the main wishes for Vicki with Healing After Miscarriage is to reach women who are feeling lost, alone and empty and give them a lifeline. Coaching needs to come from a place of empathy with a focus on deep core healing. With the right coaching and support, so many women can be guided through their cycle of grief to reach a place of wholeness again. All women who have miscarried deserve to live a life of empowerment.

Vicki has already had hundreds of people pre-ordering her book of poems and contact her about her individual approach to coaching.

You can pre-order a copy of her book here:

If you would like to interview Vicki Renz, photos or to be sent a copy of the book for review then contact

Background and Biography - Vicki Renz Oh My Mama Body


Oh My Mama Body is a trusted platform and specialist portal for women, addressing symptoms during pregnancy, postpartum and miscarriage. Providing concise answers to women concerning their bodily symptoms during this time.

With close to 3500 subscribers on YouTube, 2000 followers on Instagram and 500 on Facebook, Oh My Mama Body is rapidly growing. Vicki Renz’s coaching sessions for Healing After Miscarriage are already booked up in November, with 5 dedicated, private sessions per week.

The wellbeing of women is vital especially whilst they navigate their emotional journey of loss. Oh My Mama Body cares about each and every woman, nurturing them and guiding them to feel positive and empowered in their individual journeys. Oh My Mama Body serves women by making them the focus of attention and talking openly about taboo topics.  

Vicki Renz, founder of Oh My Mama Body, was really in tune with her bodily symptoms and changes during her seven pregnancies. She uses her knowledge and experiences as a source of strength and support for others. With her extensive knowledge of online business, Vicki has created a platform to best serve the demands of modern mums.

The comprehensive Oh My Mama Body platform includes:

  • and easy to navigate website with content covering explanations for pregnancy & postpartum symptoms, advice and tips. Saving women time with concise written explanations and short explanatory videos.
  • Mama Time - a free weekly webinar with qualified midwives, expert speakers and networking for mums. Supporting women with online access to expert advice and direct answers to questions. Including a Facebook group for additional daily support.
  • Oh My Mama Body YouTube Channel with explanatory videos and meditations.
  • Healing After Miscarriage. In depth coverage of miscarriage from types of miscarriage through to surviving miscarriage. Vicki Renz, a multiple miscarriage survivor, coaches women to work through their grief and confidently shine again following miscarriage.
  • Healing After Miscarriage offers online courses, one to one coaching and a free Facebook group for ongoing support.
  • Mama Mentoring. Access to online courses to nurture and develop women in pursuing their passions.

Oh My Mama Body places a huge amount of value on saving time for the modern busy mother.  By making her advice and tips available across Social Media platforms, Oh My Mama Body is readily available for mothers on the go.

Vicki Renz believes it is vital for mothers to have access to concise, quality information at their fingertips. She believes it is important to provide authentic and empathetic advice, honouring each woman on their journey to motherhood.


Vicki Renz is Founder and Director of Oh My Mama Body, the specialist portal for women, addressing symptoms during pregnancy, postpartum and miscarriage. 

Responsible for the company’s three divisions; Mama Body, Mama Time and Healing After Miscarriage. Vicki manages strategies to make information readily available for the busy modern mum. Vicki brings authenticity and empathy in her approach to supporting and nurturing women. Enabling women to enjoy their pregnancies, precious time with their newborns and feel understood when they have suffered a msicarriage.

Following a successful corporate career as a Quality and Risk Manager for a reputable automobile company, Vicki re-skilled herself through an online coaching business, learning techniques and strategies for working online. Using her own experiences, Vicki is driven by delivering quality information and supporting other women to feel confidently fulfilled in life.

Vicki Renz, mother to two boys and recurrent miscarriage survivor, documented her bodily changes through her seven pregnancies. Often anxious about particular bodily symptoms, Vicki made the connect between pregnancy and the symptoms she was going through. It drove her to create an authentic informational source to help other women experiencing the same symptoms.

Vicki hopes that all women can have an enjoyable pregnancy and postpartum experience once they understand their symptoms and how to ease them.

As Vicki’s YouTube channel began to grow and women from worldwide contacted her with questions, Vicki realised that she could do more to support others. Vicki came up with the idea to create an online community for women who have miscarried, with regular webinars (Healing Hangouts), a Facebook group with helpful resources and support, automated online courses and one-to-one coaching. Something that is hugely important for women who have miscarried, especially during the current times of not being able to get out to appointments and feeling very isolated.

The empathy that exudes from Oh My Mama Body makes Vicki Renz an honest source that many women trust. Vicki’s miscarriages took her into a deep study of healing techniques which she has combined to develop her unique Healing After Miscarriage programme. Like a guiding light, Vicki supports women through their journey from pain and grief through to acceptance and wholeness.

When not working, Vicki enjoys time with her family, travelling and mountain biking in her local German forest.

You can find details about Vicki’s website, webinars and programmes below.  

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