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MEDIA REL: The Escalator Company launches post-COVID safety products


Post-COVID when normality starts to resume, companies will be looking at how to keep their staff and visitors to their buildings safe.
The Escalator Company based in Kent has produced two new products to help keep escalators safe and reduce anxiety about using public facilities.

1. Green steps - keeping people 2m apart. 
2. UVC handrail sanitiser - hidden within the machine to give the handrail a blast of UVC before it emerges for the next person to hold.

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I've included digital images of the UVC unit.
A video showing the green steps moving can be downloaded here: 
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In response to the coronavirus pandemic, The Escalator Company (TEC) based in Kent has launched social distancing green steps and a UVC handrail sanitisation unit to help with the efforts around infection control.

Green steps
The green steps are placed 2m apart - equating to every 7th step on an escalator, or measured out on travelators.
This means that people will know how far apart to stand to observe social distancing.

Green steps - main points
2m social distancing green steps
Black feet to show where to stand & direction of travel
Painted off-site, ready to be fitted when we arrive
No paint fumes in your building
Out of hours work option
2.5hrs closure for works during normal working hours
Fitted to any escalator or travellator

UVC Handrail
The UVC handrail sanitisation unit is fitted within the machine, out of sight from passengers and can also be isolated from engineers to maintain their safety too.
It means passengers can use the handrail for safety, knowing it has been cleaned after the next person, ready for them to use safely and without bacteria present.

UVC is an ultra-violet radiation used in hospitals and laboratories, having been proven to be effective against pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. It's dangerous for humans to come into contact with which is why our unit is compact and placed within the machine itself.
The UVC breaks down the DNA of any bacteria on the handrail, rendering it unable to multiply and spread to the next person who touches it.
We've developed it using UVC tubes which allow for a much more powerful light to be used versus UVC LED which is often used.

UVC handrail cleansing unit - main points
UVC cleaning - used in hospitals
UVC tubes - stronger than UVC LED
Hidden unit to avoid injury, vandalism or entrapment
Fitted to any escalator or travelator
Passengers can hold on safely knowing the handrail is clean

Both products have been developed and manufactured at the company's Manchester site, where they have a testing escalator to produce prototypes and the final products ready for market.
Some have already been fitted in London for clients keen to get have their escalators immediately ready for service.
The company is also booked to work on machines across the country and also to export outside of the UK for local installation.
Both can be fitted to any brand of machine, regardless of size too.

Escalators and travelators, or walkways as they are also known, are seen all over the world and used by millions of people every day in railway stations, shopping centre, airports, hospitals, office buildings, event centres, sports venues, hotels, public buildings and department stores.

Director and engineering lead Lee Barber, said: "We have produced the green steps and UVC handrail cleansing units in response to the higher level of cleanliness required as we recover from COVID19.
"People want to feel safe as they get back to some sort or normality and facilities managers and premises owners are keen to provide that extra level of hygiene to their customers too.
"We have made sure that both can be fitted in a reasonable timeframe - within a few hours to avoid disruption and downtime for their escalators and travelators in what are usually busy footfall locations.
"The green steps are pre-painted and fitted on-site to reduce our time on site but also to negate the fumes from paint causing a problem.
"Many changes are being made globally and this is what we are offering for escalators and travelators to aid with infection control and allow passengers to feel safer."




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