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Colour match your handbag to your new bedroom


I'd like to share with you and/or your design writers some information from Spectrum Paintworx, who have taken their 30 years' knowledge of paint finishes on cars and motorbikes to create a new way of using colour for design.
It's an interesting back story and it's a unique method of creating unique, bespoke or exclusive colours. 

It means that clients and designers can find complete colour matches or create unique colours for their projects - with texture, tints, neons, metallics or pearlescent - whatever is needed for retail or hospitality design projects.
If they can't find it, Spectrum will create it - and their past experience includes working with Porsche and being asked to colour match a pink handbag.

They can also guarantee that once a finish is found, it remains unique to that client or designer, to ensure they have something exclusive that can't be replicated.
An excellent option for exclusive work and discerning clients.

On the retail side, they've already been involved with several projects such as the changing rooms at Covent Garden's Jigsaw store - light reflecting panels that give a bright, light and unusual look to shoppers.

In hospitality, they've worked to transform a Japanese bar into a stand-out space. The Ooh Cha Bar in London needed a certain white, with a pink and green hue - which Spectrum was able to mix and achieve for the client to give a striking finish. 

They're also spray painting items in the studio such as planters, furniture, fixtures and decorative items - but can take on what's required. 
A photo of the Ooh Cha bar in London is attached - all other photos showing product samples can be seen here:


The flip from vehicle spraying to interiors came after MD Paul Clark was asked on several occasions, to create paint finishes for retail projects and domestic products such as radiators, tables and televisions.
From this, he has been drafted into projects for clients across the globe, many of which he can't disclose due to NDA contracts, working with high-profile design teams on behalf of very exclusive artists.

His knowledge of paint comes after a career in a technical and colouristic role for a global paint company, where he spent years perfecting the art of mixing colours, textures, flakes, dyes and tints, creating metallic, neon, iridescent or pearlescent finishes.
He knows inside out, how the different pigments react together, under different lighting and how they reflect light too.

He's now applying the principles of vehicle paint finishes to designers who might be looking for original colours, luxury finishes, perfect colour-matching, or seeking something they just can't find anywhere else.
Clients can be demanding with high standards - what Spectrum offer is the ability to give the client whatever colour they want, with the finish they like, produced at his studio in Kent, with complete discretion and exclusivity if requested.

In his work with designers and architects, part of the liaison is finding out where the item will be used and what lighting is going to be installed.

He said: "Lighting is key to how the paint finishes look. Light affects the colours, how the pigments look and can influence the whole look. I need to know all of this to create the right mix so that it creates the required look.
"Whilst I can't disclose many of my projects, this is a benefit to clients who want to create something unique, exclusive, bespoke and personal for their home, holiday home, yacht or new venture such as a hotel."

It's not just about mixing colours at Spectrum - it's the knowledge of how paint pigments interact with each other that Spectrum have the edge with - because they aren't waiting to find out; they already know what weight to add, how much metallic is needed and how vibrant, durable or subtle the colour needs to be.

Spectrum Paintworx can:
Create unique colour formations not available anywhere else
Colour-match to a swatch or Pantone colours
Add effect pigments to standard colours to make them unique
Add 4-tone tints, so that you see a different colour from each angle
Add metallics from fine to coarse flake shapes, or pebble shapes

There's no other master colourist from the motor trade using colour like Spectrum use colour, able to offer clients and designers exactly what they want - even if they come to him with a blank canvas.
He can produce colour samples if requested, working with the designer to achieve what the client wants.

How designers are currently using Spectrum Paintworx finishes in their work:

Bar tops
Changing rooms

Individual creations
Unique finishes

Statement for a room
Striking welcome on the doorstep / driveway

Picture frames
Old refurbished
New but bespoke colour/finish

Palette matched

Luxury finish

Statement or subtle
Original or colour-matched shade

Paint finish plus chrome handles finish too

Security entry
A striking and well-appointed welcome
Subtle & unobtrusive for stately homes