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New council vending machine initiative to help tackle obesity

Vending Snacks on New Health Kick to Tackle Obesity
Shropshire Council aligns with Peterborough-based food and packaging firm to deliver nutritious grab'n'go snacks

Food4Health, set up by Shropshire Council's Help2Change team, has taken early steps to help transform the eating habits of people in the county by stocking vending machines with ‘natural ingredients only' items.

Eager to encourage healthier snacking, in its search for BRC AA accredited suppliers, Help2Change approached Peterborough-based Delicious Ideas Food Group (DIFG) with the aim of creating a new, own-label healthy grab'n'go range to sell from vending machines in selected Shropshire sites.

Says CEO of DIFG, Jonathan Potter: ‘We were pleased to be contacted by Help2Change, whose views on healthy snacking align with our own.

‘In most vending machines, snacks high in saturated fats, salt, and sugar are often the only choice for consumers—a contributing factor to the UK's growing obesity crisis. Our creation of a new, high protein fruit, nut and seed  range to encourage better eating habits is a small step that encourages healthier living.

If the initial trial goes well, the Council's move could mark the beginning of a wider scale roll out to other venues in Shropshire including more libraries, fitness centres, gyms and other communal areas with high footfall.

Specially-selected foods and drinks made with 100% natural ingredients, including the new range produced and packed by DIFG, are now available through machines at three Shropshire libraries in Oswestry, Shrewsbury and Ludlow.

Kevin Lewis, from the Help2Change team, said: ‘People are tempted by chocolate bars, by crisps, by fizzy drinks full of sugar. We are trying to buck that trend and give people access to a healthy range of snacks through vending machines through public buildings.'



Fruit and Nut Medley

Full Selection
Raw Protein Power
Spicy Protein Crunch   


All of the vending machines are stocked with food and drink items made from 100% natural ingredients.

Packages created by Delicious Ideas Food Group in conjunction with Help2Change, for sale in Shropshire vending machines are:


       Raw Protein Power: A nutty combination of almonds cashews walnuts and pistachios

       Spicy protein crunch: A mix of cashews, chickpeas, fiery corn, and crunchy edamame beans

       Mixed Nuts: A nutty combo of cashews, almonds and pecan nuts

       Fruit and nut medley: A mix of peanuts, almonds, dates, apricots and pumpkin seeds.

The idea has come from Food4Health, from Shropshire Council's Help2Change team.

Supporting statistics fromPublic Health Education

       Around a third of fast food outlets in England are found in the most deprived communities. PHE analysis of fast food outlets, June 2018

       Fast food outlets account for more than a quarter (26%) of all eateries in England. PHE analysis of fast food outlets, June 2018