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Bunions disappear after massages
 Bunions disappear after massages 

Mayfair based therapist Lari Yugai offers hope to sufferers of painful and unsightly foot conditions.

With 45 years of experience to draw on, Lari Yugai is able to offer relief from painful foot conditions using her own unique methods. Qualified in acupressure, massage and a range of alternative therapies, Lari has brought all her knowledge and experience together to bring more beautiful and comfortable feet to her clients. 

"Many of my clients find the state of their feet embarrassing." says Lari. "No one should have to result to operation to deal with such condition, as this really detracts from their enjoyment of life. My treatments are completely natural and many clients see amazing improvements from the first session."

In accordance with her passion for natural beauty and non-invasive treatments, Lari uses a combination of acupressure and massage to stimulate the circulatory system and remove toxins. By targeting key points and reactivating key muscles, she is able to cause great improvements in the state of feet which, over a number of sessions, can become permanent.

Lari has treated conditions such as leg pain, joint pain, heavy legs, difficulty walking, bunions, flatfoot, heel spurs, Achilles tendon problems and back pain. Her treatments are particularly effective for those who experience problems from flying a great deal, those with kidney problems and for pregnant women. Many symptoms of foot pain are associated with problems elsewhere in the body, so Lari often works on the legs and spine as well as the feet.

Some clients are simply unhappy with the appearance of their feet. They can't wear the type of shoes they would like, or are embarrassed by their bare feet on the beach or at a yoga class. Lari's treatments can work wonders on unsightly feet, allowing her clients to have confidence in their feet wherever they go. Many of Lari's clients see a huge improvement in the state of their feet after a single session. Every client has an individual treatment plan based on their unique needs that may be anything from 5 to 10 sessions, depending on the severity of their condition and their circumstances. 

At her clinic on South Molton Street, Mayfair, Lari Yugai offers both non-invasive foot treatments and facial treatments, including facial modelling and smoothing. Sessions can be booked through her website at

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