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Lari Yugai turns back the clock naturally
 Lari Yugai turns back the clock naturally Physiological therapist

Lari Yugai comes to the UK 
With Instagram celebrities and reality TV shows like Love Island, more and more Britons are turning to the idea of plastic surgery to improve their looks. However, Lari Yugai, a well-known therapist, doesn’t think going under the knife is the only way to improve one’s looks structurally. 
Her work has been termed facial remodelling and allows her clients to change the looks of their faces. This can help to correct parts of their visage they may dislike, or simply help them retain their youthful looks without the use of any invasive methods such as surgery or needles. She can also help patients who have had surgery gone awry improve their results, and also lessen the appearance of scarring. Her methods work with reshaping the cartilage in the body, and to a certain extent, the growth and structure of bones as well. 
Patients who come to Lari Yugai often wish to correct certain features of their face. Many look to straighten crooked noses, askew septums, or smooth back the appearance of ears that stick out too much. For others, they hope that Lari Yugai will be able to use her therapy to reduce the effects of trauma or to treat natural defects. 
The facial remodelling method utilises massage to target key areas on the face, smoothing away wrinkles and natural defects. This also helps to stimulate the circulatory system via precise pressure pinpointing the acupoints - a method also well known in Chinese medicine to help patients relax while taking away stress and toxins from the body.  
“Seeing how my own face was changing over time, I applied the techniques I knew to address the visible signs of aging,” Lari Yugai says, in regards to how she started out. Currently, she has been in practice for 40 years. “I also changed the shape of my face, including my jawline and nose. My methods are non-invasive and all-natural.” Adding to her traditional background in manual therapy, Lari Yugai felt that the combination of traditional and contemporary methods could be something revolutionary and powerful. 
Aside from the face, this method is able to help patients who have problems with sleep, migraines and pain in their feet. People who experience flat feet and bunions especially may find relief through her therapy. It even extends to helping people increase their vocal range! 
“Her methods have a lasting effect,” a spokesperson for Lari Yugai noted. “Patients can often see a visible difference after just one treatment, and regular patients have had permanently improved looks, even if it’s been years after their last treatment. There aren’t many around the world who offer what Lari does, and out of that number, quite a few are trained by Lari herself.”  
Lari Yugai currently offers her bone sculpturing and other treatments from her base in Mayfair, London. Due to the popularity of her practice, she also runs an academy where interested parties can learn from her.  
Her website has further details on the services she provides. For those wishing to book an appointment, they can do so via

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