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New Robotics Sales Engineer For The North East of England

With demand for RARUK Automation’s innovative automation solutions continuing to grow, the company has expanded its team of robotics and systems sales engineers. The most recent appointment is Tony Bailes, the new Robotics Sales Engineer for the North East of England.


In his new role, Tony will be responsible for the sale of Universal Robots collaborative robots in his region. RARUK Automation are UR’s sole UK Platinum Partner.


Tony joins RARUK Automation with passion and enthusiasm for the automation industry, as well as a keen interest in engineering and manufacturing. Having previously worked in the motor industry, Tony has a range of skills which make him a valuable asset to RARUK’s growing sales team.


‘Being a Robotics Sales Engineer is my perfect role,’ Tony says. ‘I get to use my extensive experience of sales and customer service, whilst applying practical solution-based concepts in a fascinating industry, where no two days are the same.’