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Cardiff Council Update: 01 March 2022

Here is the latest update from Cardiff Council, covering: overcladding works begin at Lydstep Flats; contractor chosen to design new pioneering education campus in Fairwater; vaccination totals for Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan; and Cardiff's case and test numbers.


Overcladding works begin at Lydstep Flats

A scheme to overclad three high-rise blocks of flats in the city in underway.

Work has begun on the three blocks at Lydstep Flats in Llandaff North, which had cladding removed in the aftermath of the Grenfell tragedy.

The project, which is being carried out by ISG Ltd, will see new A1-rated cladding fitted to the three buildings as well as new windows, balcony upgrades including balustrading, surfacing and new balcony doors for the 126 households living there.

Each property will also benefit from a new extract ventilation system for the kitchen and bathroom and also have a new flue fitted to the boiler.

Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, Cllr Lynda Thorne, said: "I am so glad, as I know all the Lydstep residents are, that contractors are now on site to begin replacing the cladding that was removed because it did not meet current fire safety standards. The cladding we are using to overclad the three blocks is of the highest level of fire safety.

"Progress on this work has been affected by significant cost rises due to Brexit and inflationary pressures in the building industry as well as the impact of the extensive testing and regulation framework for cladding solutions.

"Throughout this time we have been so grateful to the residents for their patience as we worked on finding the right solution for the three blocks and it's great to see contractors on site and work underway."

The scheme is expected to take around 70 weeks to complete all three blocks. The Council also intends to replace cladding at Loudoun and Nelson House in Butetown and proposals for these schemes will be considered at a later date.


Contractor chosen to design new pioneering education campus in Fairwater

Cardiff Council has announced that ISG has been selected as the preferred bidder for the design and build ofa new joint education campus, to be located in the Fairwater area of the city.

The project will be the largest, in scale and investment, of Cardiff's education developments delivered under Cardiff Council and Welsh Governments Band B Sustainable Communities for Learning Programme. Three new build schools will be located on one site, becoming home to Cantonian High School, Riverbank School and Woodlands High School.

ISG will undertake the detailed design and build process for the scheme, including the temporary accommodation associated with the works. The trailblazing development for Cardiff will set the standard for future school projects. It is Cardiff's first school campus to be operationally Net Zero Carbon, also targeting significant reduction in embodied carbon during build stage of the project. This means the three schools will be highly energy efficient buildings that are powered from renewable energy sources, enabling Cardiff to deliver on its One Planet Strategy which outlines the city's ambition to mitigate climate change.

The proposals include:

  • Replacing the Cantonian High School buildings with new build accommodation on the same site expanding the school from six forms of entry (6FE) to eight forms of entry (8FE) with sixth form provision for up to 250 pupils;
  • Expanding the Specialist Resource Base (SRB) for learners with an Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC), hosted at Cantonian High School to 30 places in purpose built accommodation in the new school buildings;
  • Relocating Woodlands High School to the Fairwater Campus site from its current site adjacent to Trelai Park and increasing the capacity to 240 places in new build accommodation;
  • Relocating Riverbank School to the Fairwater Campus site from its current site adjacent to Trelai Park, and increasing the capacity to 112 places in new build accommodation.


The campus will also offer comprehensive facilities which will be available for public use outside of school hours. 

Deputy Leader of Cardiff Council, and Cabinet Member for Education, Employment and Skills, Cllr Sarah Merry, said: "The Fairwater Campus will be Cardiff's first joint educational campus of its kind and awarding the design contract is an exciting milestone for the futures of Cantonian, Woodland and Riverbank Schools, who are all part of this unique and ambitious plan.

"The campus will be one of the most educationally advanced institutions in the UK, bringing together three very different schools each with their own identity, on one site and providing a distinct combination of learning which will allow each school to share facilities, expertise and teaching opportunities, providing an exceptional experience for students, staff and the community."

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Cardiff & Vale University Health Board Vaccination Status Update - 15 February

Data provided by CAVUHB

Based on the figures available at the time of publication.

Please note that there may be minor amendments to data as it is validated over time.

The total number of vaccination doses given by the Cardiff & Vale University Health Board so far, in both local authority areas:  1,073,718 (1stDose: 401,143 2ndDose: 374,822 3rdDose: 8,072 Boosters: 289,579)

Cohort Data - Last updated: 14 February 2022


  • 80 and over: 22,207 / 95% (1stDose) 22,050 / 94.3% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 20,490 / 92.9% (Booster)
  • 75-79: 16,775 / 96.6% (1stDose) 16,661 / 95.9% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 15,449 / 92.7% (Booster)
  • 70-74: 21,152 / 95.9% (1stDose) 21,022 / 95.3% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 19,582 / 93.2% (Booster)
  • 65-69: 22,732 / 94.2% (1stDose) 22,499 / 93.2% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 20,739 / 92.2% (Booster)
  • 60-64: 27,023 / 92.2% (1stDose) 26,666 / 91% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 24,340 / 91.3% (Booster)
  • 55-59: 29,701 / 90.2% (1stDose) 29,237 / 88.8% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 26,385 / 90.2% (Booster)
  • 50-54: 29,055 / 87.9% (1stDose) 28,451 / 86.1% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 25,104 / 88.2% (Booster)
  • 40-49: 56,590 / 81.9% (1stDose) 54,826 / 79.3% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 45,656 / 83.3% (Booster)
  • 30-39: 63,313 / 77.1% (1stDose) 59,732 / 72.8% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 43,328 / 72.5% (Booster)
  • 18-29: 83,564 / 79.3% (1stDose) 75,391 / 71.6% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 46,872 / 62.2% (Booster)
  • 16-17: 4,033 / 71.1% (1stDose) 2,987 / 52.7% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 55 / 1.8% (Booster)
  • 13-15: 13,912 / 57.1% (1stDose) 8,380 / 34.4% (2nd& 3rd*Dose)


  • Severely Immuno-suppressed: 6,947 / 98.1% (1stDose) 6,238 / 88.1% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 18 / 0.3% (Booster)
  • Care home residents: 1,987 / 98.6% (1stDose) 1,971 / 97.8% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 1,822 / 92.4% (Booster)
  • Care Home Workers: 3,698 / 99% (1stDose) 3,644 / 97.6% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 2,905 / 79.7% (Booster)
  • Healthcare Workers: 27,198 / 98.2% (1stDose) 26,934 / 97.2% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 24,269 / 90.1% (Booster)
  • Social Care Workers**: 8,162 / 82.2% (Booster)
  • Clinically extremely vulnerable: 10,780 / 94.7% (1stDose) 10,621 / 93.3% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 6,105 / 57.5% (Booster)
  • Underlying Health Conditions: 46,322 / 90.8% (1stDose) 45,009 / 88.2% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 38,261 / 85% (Booster)
  • Underlying Health Conditions (12-15): 657 / 63.4% (1stDose) 470 / 45.4% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 44 / 9.4% (Booster)
  • Underlying Health Conditions (5-11): 481 / 37.5% (1stDose)


*Those who have received two COVID-19 vaccine doses, with the exception of those who are severely immunosuppressed who are recommended three doses

**Data taken from an alternative source


Cardiff Cases and Tests - 7 Days Data (18 February - 24 February 2022)

Based on latest figures from Public Health Wales

Data correct as of:

28 February 2022


Cases: 730

Cases per 100,000 population: 199.0 (Wales: 158.8 cases per 100,000 population)

Testing episodes: 2,768

Testing per 100,000 population: 754.4

Positive proportion: 26.4% (Wales: 21.5% positive proportion)