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Key worker response


Cardiff is applying the Welsh Government Key Worker definition, however, provision in each school depends on school staffing levels & capacity. Children of parents in frontline blue light services, NHS, school workers & social care need to be prioritised to help the fight against Covid-19.

We are working with our schools and they will make local decisions based on need and on their own ability to deliver the service. In line with statutory guidance only one parent/ carer needs to be identified as a key worker, but it needs to be remembered that support offered in school is only appropriate when all other avenues of safe care have been exhausted.

The focus for schools is to provide an education and a consistent learning offer for all pupils. School staff may be asked to self-isolate or may contract the virus. This will play a part in how many children a school can accommodate.

We know this situation is difficult for people, but schools are closed due to the severity of the situation in Wales. Every effort is being taken to slow down the transmission of the virus while doing what we can to help residents which is why we need to try and keep numbers of face-to-face learning in schools as low as possible as we respond to the virus during this phase of the battle against the pandemic.