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Prevent fires by disposing of batteries safely


After Christmas, we're all left with a pile of used batteries from children's toys, new gadgets and - if you've overdone the Christmas specials -the remote control. Please remember, batteries can't be recycled in your recycling bag or go out with your general waste.

Instead, take your used batteries to your local library or leisure centre for recycling. 

Used batteries can also be taken to your local recycling centre for recycling at Lamby Way or Bessemer Close, find out morehere.

Many supermarkets also have battery collection boxes- since 2010 shops which sell more than 32kg of batteries per year MUST provide battery recycling facilities in store. 

Putting batteries in general waste or recycling bags, rather than disposing of them properly, is one of the main causes of fires at recycling centres - if the battery is damaged the resulting spark can ignite with the lithium. Alternatively if the battery is exposed to high temperatures it could potentially cause an explosion.

All types of batteries can be recycled including button batteries for watches, lithium-ion batteries for mobile phones, cameras and laptops and even car batteries. Please check ourRecycling A-Zfor more information.