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New ‘living walls’ for primary school playground
New ‘living walls’ have been installed in the playground of Tredegarville Primary School in Cardiff city centre, in a boost for biodiversity and air quality in the school grounds.

The ivy filled screens, which were funded via a grant from the Landfill Communities Fund, help filter pollution and combat emissions from traffic, with similar screens in other city’s having resulted in a 21.8% reduction in daily NO² concentrations on the playground side of the screens.

The £15,000 grant was applied for with assistance from the Council’s Energy and Sustainability Team and the screens, which also help promote biodiversity and improve the general playground environment, were provided and installed by PHS Greenleaf.

A Cardiff Council spokesman said: “As a council we’re committed to making Cardiff a sustainable capital for Wales and alongside wider plans to improve air quality in the city, green infrastructure, such as these new screens, can play an important role in combatting pollution.”

Head Teacher Emma Laing, said: “We have a concrete playground, many of our children don’t have easy access to green space or a garden, so it’s a really positive thing to provide some greenery for them and an opportunity to talk about growing, insects and wildlife more generally.

“Air pollution is a concern for most people living in cities, and hopefully the screens will have a real impact on pollution from the roads close to the school - but what’s also really positive is that they create a very tangible experience for the children, one that enables us to help them understand the impact of air pollution.”

The impact of the screens will be monitored over time and pupils at the school will also be planting flowers and receiving a class talk on pollinators and biodiversity from PHS Greenleaf.

Lynne Williams, Regional Manager North at phs Greenleaf, said: “Here at phs Greenleaf we are proud to be part of creating a greener outdoor space at Tredegarville Primary School. We strive to create better air quality for pupils in schools with introducing more outdoor planting”.