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Council gains competitive edge through new certification standard

Cardiff Council is the first Local Authority in the whole of the UK to be awarded with the acclaimed PAS 402 Certificate through the Green Compass Scheme.

PAS 402 is a Publicly Available Specification and performance reporting measure for the waste management industry which encourages business improvements.

This certificate gives the council a performance scorecard which we can share with staff and customers to encourage continuous improvement, giving confidence to all residents and clients that their waste is being managed effectively to protect the environment.

Cllr Michael Michael, Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Environment and Recycling said:

"I am pleased that the Council is now certified to PAS 402 under the Green Compass scheme. This gives additional confidence to the citizens of Cardiff, customers and commercial clients that we manage their waste effectively and responsibly.

"The assessment to obtain this certificate looks at a variety of processes including environmental, health & safety and performance management to maximise recovery and recycling of the waste that we manage. This is then validated though an independent assessment process which provides a full auditable trail".

"A significant benefit of this certification is that we can, with confidence, continue to bid for additional commercial waste management contracts.

"This puts our commercial waste management service in a much stronger position to bid for additional contracts and puts the Council on a level playing field to compete with private waste management companies, which should in turn increase our trading opportunities."

Paul Jennings, Director of the Green Compass Scheme said "We are delighted that Cardiff Council has become the first Local Authority in the United Kingdom to gain certification to PAS 402.

"The BSi publication PAS 402; 2013 "Waste resource management - specification for performance reporting" was written in Wales and first published in 2009.

"Alongside the PAS is the Green Compass Scheme which gives companies the chance to gain certification by a UKAS accredited process. The Green Compass Scheme is alive and well and is now a UK-wide scheme which is slowly gaining momentum. The scheme has 40 plus members throughout Wales, England and Scotland and the number is increasing month by month. "