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Flying the flag for UK Steel

Cardiff Council has signed up to the UK Steel Charter demonstrating its support for UK-produced steel.


The commitment means the Council will set out practical steps it will take to maximise the opportunities for UK steel producers in its construction and infrastructure procurements and in doing so, will help to safeguard jobs in the industry in the UK, including several thousand in South Wales.


The aims of the Charter are to:

  • Help ensure the best possible economic benefit to the UK economy Unlock the social, environmental and economic benefits of shortened and localised supply chains
  • Promote and facilitate the use of UK-produced steel in construction and infrastructure projects
  • Support highly paid, skilled manufacturing jobs and training opportunities in communities across the UK


Cabinet Member for Finance, Modernisation and Performance, Cllr Chris Weaver : "Steel making is an important part of the British economy but there's no doubt that the industry is facing challenges, including the fact that over half the steel used on construction and infrastructure projects in the UK is imported. .


"Celsa UK is a major employer in Cardiff, supporting almost 3,500 jobs across South Wales so it makes absolute sense that this Council is committed to measures that remove any barriers to UK suppliers effectively competing for contracts with us."

Gareth Stace, UK Steel Director General, said:"Councils are the beating heart of their local communities and they know the significant impact of their purchasing power on local jobs and the local economy, as well as the wider impact to the UK. By signing this Charter, Cardiff Council is backing an industry that directly employs over 30,000 people, and indirectly supports another 52,000 jobs in communities across the UK. Further, the steel industry makes a £1.7 billion direct contribution to the UK economy, with an additional £3.9 billion contribution via the businesses we support in our supply chains and local communities. Steel has an important role to play in strengthening UK manufacturing supply chains and we are pleased to have Cardiff Council as our partners."


The Council signed up to precursor to the UK Steel Charter, the Charter for Sustainable British Steel in October 2015, which focussed on steel reinforcement bars after the UK market became flooded with products that did not comply with British standards and presented significant safety issues. The 2019 Charter has been expanded to incorporate all steel products made by UK manufacturers for use in construction and infrastructure projects.


By signing the charter, the Council has pledged to apply its principles to all construction projects where steel is part of the specification and stipulate the use of steel products accredited to BRE Standard BES6001 (or equivalent). A UK supply chain champion is already in place in the authority's procurement team to manage engagement with the steel sector and other suppliers.


Apart from the economic benefits of using UK-produced steel products, the environmental benefits also include reducing transport-related carbon emission by sourcing local products, while UK steel rebar is made from 100% recycled content and is almost 40% less carbon intensive than rebar produced elsewhere in the EU.


Signing the Charter also supports the priorities of the Council's Socially Responsible Procurement Policy, including Think Cardiff First, Partners in Communities and Green and Sustainable.