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‘We ask all those who have a blue badge, please use it correctly’

People who are misusing disability blue badges to park their car are being warned by the Council today, following a number of concerns that have been raised.

Blue badges are issued to a person rather than a vehicle - to help assist those who are eligible in their daily lives.

It is estimated by the Department for Transport that 2.38 million badges have been issued in the UK and up to half a million are being misused.

In Cardiff, 18,000 badges have been issued to residents and an education and enforcement campaign has now begun, to ensure that blue badges are not being misused in the Welsh Capital.

A Spokesman for Cardiff Council, said: "This campaign isn't in any way targeting disabled people. Quite the opposite, we are taking action against those who shouldn't be using them. The measures that we are taking are supported by both the police and city centre retailers.

"When a blue badge is issued by a local authority, a leaflet is supplied giving detailed information to the person on how to use it.

"For example, if a badge is issued to a disabled child, the badge can only be used by the parent when the child is actually travelling in the car. The badge also cannot be given to someone else to use; cannot be used if it is no longer needed and cannot be used to wait by the side of a road if you don't plan to park the vehicle. We ask all those who have a blue badge, please use it correctly."

The Council is increasing blue badge inspections and anybody identified misusing a blue badge will have appropriate enforcement action taken against them and if necessary we will take these matters to court. The maximum fine that can be imposed by the court for misusing a blue badge is £1000.

A blue badge allows a disabled person to:

  • Park on streets with parking meters or pay-and-display machines for as long as you need to
  • Park in a disabled bay on streets for as long as you need to, unless there is a sign giving a time limit
  • Allows you to park on single or double yellow lines for up to three hours unless there is a ‘no loading' sign.
  • Having a blue badge doesn't allow you to park anywhere, as the parking regulations have to be followed. If you park in an area which endangers people, for example outside a school or near a junction a ticket can still be issued.

A blue badge holder can only let someone else use their badge if:

  • You are in the car with them
  • They are picking or dropping you off, and they need to park close to where you need to go
  • If someone else is driving you, you must let them know the rules, or the badge can be confiscated.


The Council is legally allowed to confiscate blue badges from anyone who is misusing them. An appeals process is in place, if a disabled person believes that their badge has been confiscated unlawfully.