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Car Sex’ More Popular Than You May Think, As It’s Revealed That 64% Of Adults Ha
 ‘Car Sex’ More Popular Than You May Think, As It’s Revealed That 64% Of Adults Have Had Sex In A Vehicle

A research survey commissioned by Anchor Vans, the UK’s largest commercial vehicle hypermarket, and conducted by Yolo Communications, reveals that 64% of adults have had sex in a car, van or camper van.

Almost half of those surveyed (42%) said that they’d had sex in a car, whilst 22% said they had hooked up in a van or a camper van.

Alfresco shenanigans seemed to be a less popular choice with only 10% admitting to having sex on the vehicle, rather than in it, and here the most likely age group to go for a bit of open-air fun being between 18-34 years old.

The same survey revealed that 11% of adults let the mood take them whilst out on the road, deciding to take a break for a steamy road-side session.

“It’s a typical fantasy for many to have sex in a car or van, so it’s not surprising that over half of people asked admitted to doing the deed. However, it was surprising that more people hadn’t had sex in a camper van and instead, opted for the car.” Said Simon Joyce, managing director of Anchor Vans.

The research also showed that of the 42% of adults who admitted to having sex in a car, 21% were aged 35-44, the most popular age group. Of all those surveyed, almost 50% were married, 20% single, with other respondents being divorced, in a relationship or living with their partner.

Car sex proved to be most popular amongst those respondents in the Midlands (15%), closely followed by those living in London (13%) and the North West (13%).


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Editors notes

The research was carried out online by Research Without Barriers - RWB

All surveys were conducted between 24th May 2019 and 28th May 2019

The sample comprised 1,011 UK adults

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