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To meet increasing demands by customers to easily locate vehicles to purchase online, the UK’s largest commercial vehicle hypermarket Anchor Vanshas significantly redeveloped its website to improve its customers’ on-line experience.

“We have optimised our stock filtering system to provide more search options which tailor stock to exactly match customers’ requirements,” said Simon Joyce, managing director of Anchor Vans. “This has vastly improved the overall experience for customers accessing our website.”

“Not only will this make life easier for our potential customers but also for our sales team. Both will be able to find extensive and relevant vehicle information right at their fingertips. The filters allow us to better profile our stock and provide unique URLs applicable to specific customer enquiries.”

Customers will now be able to concentrate on the vehicle information that is relevant to their individual requirements and to search for vehicle features such as fuel type, transmission, air con, wheelbase, etc. Additionally, they can now search on stock held by Anchor Vans and Tadley Trade which increases the number of vehicles available to them.

From a financial perspective, customers now have the ability to select Pay-per-Month budgets.

The addition of the Euro 6 vehicle selection will be of key importance to Anchor Van’s customers who drive within the current London Congestion Charging Zone (CCZ). From 8th August 2019, the new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will operate in the same area as the CCZ but, the big difference will be that Euro 6 compliant vehicles will be exempt from paying the ULEZ charge.

From 25 October 2019 the ULEZ area will expand to include the inner London area bounded by the North and South Circular roads.

“We have listened to what our customers said about how they use our website and the recent developments have addressed their concerns around our previous stock search capability. Our main objective is to ensure that our customers find exactly the vehicle they are looking to purchase, with the right features and the right commercial package as quickly and easily as possible,” said Joyce.

Anchor Vans expects that the enhancements will increase its website efficiency. Customers finding it easier to search for vehicles will be more informed about what they want to purchase and why, when they talk to the sales team. 

As well as working to continually revise and improve its website to make sure it delivers successful customer journeys and continues to be relevant to marketplace needs, Anchor Vans is also looking to drive a larger presence on its social media platforms.

“Improving our levels of customer service and satisfaction is at the very top of our priority list. By improving the online experience both via the website and social media and delivering content that is informative and fun, we are driving increased engagement with our existing and potential customers – that’s a win-win combination,” said Joyce.

About Anchor Vans

Anchor Vans is one of the UK’s leading independent van dealerships thanks to 30 years of high-quality service from their hard-working teams. The company’s expansive open court holds an impressive array of new and used vans for customers across the country. They currently hold a position as one of the top 50 independent motor dealers in the UK by Motor Trader, as well as being recognised in the UK Van Dealer of the Year awards.

To find out more about Anchors Vans, the services the company offers and about their dedication to raising money for good causes, please get in touch with their friendly team on 0118 9710 230 or visit

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