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Social media success for Roughneck products


May 2017

Social media success for Roughneck products

Olympia Tools, the company behind the Roughneck brand of hand tools and workwear, has seen a surge in demand for its products thanks to social media.
Two of the distributor's especially innovative product lines featured in posts that subsequently went viral, attracting interest from a global audience.

The first product to prove a social media success was the Roughneck Tri Vice™. This highly portable plate vice can be used on-site or in confined spaces to hold materials whilst they're cut, drilled, measured, ground, filed and much more.

Thanks to an intelligent design, which includes carefully considered apertures, Tri Vice™ can grip conduits, rigid steel pipes, PVC and ABS, as well as copper tubing and many timber sizes.

It holds these items securely and elevated off the ground which not only simplifies tasks for the end-user but also makes things safer. Those using power tools for instance can keep both hands free for the tool's operation.

Tri Vice™ also benefits from an all but unbreakable one piece construction and is made from solid steel with a powder coating for added durability. Olympia Tools is so confident in the product's robust nature that it is backed by a 10 year guarantee.

A video about Tri Vice™ appeared on Facebook in the United States and went on to attract 6 million views and 7000 comments. As a result, demand for the product soared by 400%.

The Roughneck Gorilla Gripper Advantage also proved remarkably popular when it recently appeared on Facebook.

Launched in 2016, the Roughneck Gorilla Gripper Advantage is an innovative tool which can be used to grip and lift large pieces of sheet material including plasterboard, MDF, plywood, hardboard, chipboard, OSB and sheet metal. It can also be used with heavy bags such as those which contain sand, aggregates and animal feed.

The intelligent design of the Roughneck Gorilla Gripper Advantage dramatically improves safety levels and turns what can often be a two person task into a one person, singlehanded task.

The Roughneck Gorilla Gripper Advantage builds on the success and popularity of the brand's existing Gorilla Grippers which are made from aircraft grade aluminium. It employs the same design but is actually constructed from fibre reinforced polymer. This has the benefit of lowering the product's cost.

The Roughneck Gorilla Gripper Advantage is capable of carrying loads up to 45kg in weight and from 0 to 19mm thick. It also features a soft-grip cushioned handle for optimum user comfort and, like all Gorilla Gripper products, is made in the USA. Olympia Tools is the exclusive master distributor for all Gorilla Gripper products in Europe.

After a reviewer in the Middle East posted details of the Roughneck Gorilla Gripper on Facebook, the post attracted almost 1000 likes and was shared nearly 500 times. This again led to a marked increase in demand.

Commenting on the social media success of the two products, Vahe Der Kureghian, purchasing and marketing director at Olympia Tools, said: "We're absolutely delighted that the Roughneck Tri Vice™ and Roughneck Gorilla Gripper Advantage have caught the attention of so many social media users.

"Aside from helping to boost awareness and sales of the products, this exposure has led to some highly positive comments. We value these opinions and especially considering end-user feedback qualifies as some of the most important feedback of all." 

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Social media stars. Two of Olympia Tools' Roughneck products have gone down a storm on social media causing a significant spike in sales.

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Notes to editors:

  • With its head offices and showrooms in Reading, Olympia Tools (UK) Ltd is a British based importer and distributor of premium quality, competitively priced hand tools and other products for the professional tradesman and serious DIY enthusiast.
  • Olympia Tools prides itself on offering new, innovative and high performance products sourced from reputable manufacturers across the world.
  • Specific and well-known brands available from Olympia Tools include Roughneck, Gorilla Bar, Thorsen, Power Grip, Wood Grenade and the MUTT (Multi Use Tough Tool).
  • Olympia Tools has been trading in the United Kingdom for almost two decades.
  • For more information on Olympia Tools (UK) Ltd and its products, visit