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FEM launches new open grills for controllable charcoal cooking

Controllable charcoal cooking: FEM launches new open grills range
Striking designs are suited to both front of house and kitchens - inside or out

With the rise in demand for authentic charcoal cooking, FEM has now launched a range of open grills.  Manufactured by Pujadas in Spain, there are two designs in the range, the Open Grill and the Robata.  Both offer unrivalled levels of controllability in charcoal-fired cooking, as well as a high level of versatility in terms of features and options. 

The Open Grill is highly flexible as it can be used in indoor, open or outdoor kitchens.  Made of stainless steel throughout, it has a refractory brick base and a heavily insulated body, enhancing thermal efficiency and durability.  The grill has a tilting mechanism with three positions, for lighting the charcoal, cooking, and collecting the fat. 

Cooking is a breeze on the Open Grill.  The large cooking area helps with productivity and the grill can be supplied with either V-shaped or rod bars.  A handwheel makes it easy to raise the grill, up to 400mm, while the top of the unit has a tempering grill and bar. 

This is an attractive unit, supplied in a stylish black finish and perfect for customer-facing situations.  It's available in three versions: mounted on a mobile cabinet; as a countertop unit; and as acountertop unit without the refractory base.  The Open Grill with a refractory base measures 104cm wide by 74cm deep and 100cm high. The heavy-duty cabinet included with the mobile Open Grill features two shelves for storage and 1/1 GN rails for holding pans.  It is mounted on four castors, the two at the front with brakes.  The total height of the Open Grill including the cabinet is 167cm.

The Robata has grills at three cooking levels, allowing for high productivity, adjustable cooking and a striking appearance, making it great for front-of-house use and in kitchens with limited space.  Like the Open Grill, it can be supplied with a mobile cabinet or as a countertop unit, comes with a refractory base, is made of stainless steel and has an attractive black finish. 

The Robata's upper two grills have five removable racks and a removable 65mm deep 2/3 GN container.  The bottom cooking level has two removable rod grills.  The countertop Robata measures 104cm wide by 52cm deep and 85cm high.  The Robata is also available with a mobile trolley.  This version measures 104cm wide by 74cm deep and is 148cm high.  The trolley includes five 100mm deep 1/9 GN containers for cooking ingredients.

Both the Open Grill and the Robata are supplied with accessories such as Versa Grip stainless steel tongs, a poker, an ash shovel and a metallic brush for cleaning the grill.  

List prices start at £8,750.00 for the Open Grill without the refractory brick base. The Countertop Robata has a list price of £5,580.00. Both models are also available with a stainless steel or red finish, on request.

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