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BYSA and SPR Collaboration

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This press release covers the significant relationship between the Birmingham Youth Sports Academy and SPR.
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SPR Invests in the Next Generation in a Collaboration with BYSA


Starting Point Recruitment are grateful to announce the partnership with Birmingham Youth Sports Academy in a move to invest in young lives, providing the skills, motivation and support for the next generations workforce. SPR take pride in their dedication to supporting local communities and empowering the youth of Birmingham by providing resources that open opportunities which might otherwise be considered unattainable.


Anwar Khattak, the founder and CEO of the Birmingham Youth Sports Academy, recently visited the Walsall branch of Starting Point Recruitment to present the football kits generously donated by SPR. These kits featured the logos of both 'Starting Point Recruitment' and 'Steps to Work', showcasing a collaborative effort to support the community.


Anwar spoke of the collaboration, "I extend my heartfelt thanks to Starting Point Recruitment and Steps to Work for their unwavering mentoring and support. Together, we are making a meaningful impact on the lives of the youth in Birmingham, fostering growth, resilience, and a brighter future."


Paul Cadman, Chief Executive Officer of the Steps to Work Group addressed the involvement of Starting Point Recruitment saying, "We aim to establish stability that will enable us to support clubs like this, enriching the lives of young individuals and nurturing brighter futures through our investments."


The Birmingham Youth Sports Academy are notorious for their continuous involvement and support of the young people within the Birmingham area, since 2002 they have dedicated their efforts to changing the lives and improving the future of the Wider Birmingham areas.


Starting Point Recruitment are proud to be involved in such a cause.







About Starting Point Recruitment

SPR is a leading recruitment company based in Walsall, recognised for its ability to identify and place top talent within growing companies. Led by CEO Prof Paul Cadman and Managing Director Andrew Fernandez, SPR is at the forefront of the recruitment industry, championing innovation and excellence. For more information, please visit;


About Birmingham Youth Sports Academy (BYSA)

The Birmingham Youth Sports Academy (BYSA) is a distinguished voluntary organisation that was established in 2002 with a commitment to fostering youth development through sports. Catering to individuals between the ages of 6 and 18, BYSA operates at the Small Heath Leisure Centre in Birmingham, providing a platform for young talents to engage in structured football coaching sessions. For more information, please visit;


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