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NEWS: World’s first infinitely reusable manufacturing mould revealed

Morning, please see announcement of the world’s first, infinitely reusable manufacturing mould – significantly faster and more versatile than 3D printing and that produces zero waste. If you’d like more information, please let me know and I can arrange interviews with the engineers.


World's first infinitely reusable manufacturing mould revealed; 
producing parts 14x faster than 3D printing with zero waste

  • PolyMorphic moulding set to change the manufacturing landscape 
  • 14x faster than 3D printing 
  • More sustainable method; producing zero waste 
  • Can shapeshift automatically in less than 20 minutes 

Fyous is launching the world's first, infinitely reusable moulding technology; PolyMorphic moulding, at this month's RAPID + TCT event in Los Angeles. Fyous's technology can shapeshift in under 20 minutes, producing zero tooling waste and making usable parts 14 times faster than 3D printing.  

The technology, devised and engineered by Fyous' co-founders Joshua Shires and Thomas Bloomfield, features more than 28,000 densely packed pins that create the mould. Once the pins are in position, the mould can withstand six tonnes of distributed pressure. 

Metamorphic by nature, patent-pending PolyMorphic moulding has the potential to transform the manufacturing industry, reducing the waste generated through tooling amends, coupled with the faster production times compared to 3D printing and traditional mould-making. By inputting a 3D CAD model, Fyous software generates the PolyMorphic mould shape. The PolyMorphic machine then shapeshifts the mould to create the intended product. On completion of production, the PolyMorphic mould is returned to the machine, ready for the next shapeshift. Product manufacture could be anything you typically use a mould for, e.g. Vacuum forming, Foam casting, food production or composite layup (to name a few) 

The Fyous team will be exhibiting at RAPID + TCT in Los Angeles, 25th-27th June at the LA Convention Center at stand 2763. 

Joshua Shires, founder of Fyous, says: "Our mission is to deliver a revolutionary moulding technology that will disrupt prototyping and manufacturing sectors worldwide.  

"Using PolyMorphic moulding to rapidly create accurate moulds for tooling will reduce time to market for a huge array of products, plus unlock commercial viability for desirable products which currently have no cost-effective manufacture method. 

"Our mission is to deliver this disruption whilst reducing environmental impact. PolyMorphic moulding is a zero-waste technology where raw materials are conserved and the moulds can be used again and again. We will remove not only physical waste in the form of materials and tooling, but also remove wasted time by accelerating product development, prototyping and manufacture efficiencies." 

Thomas Bloomfield, Fyous founder, says: "The new technology can generate products up to 14 times faster than conventional 3D printing methods, with zero-waste. PolyMorphic moulding supports a wide array of materials and processes, including moulding and casting, vacuum forming, and composite lay-up.  

"This versatility makes its possible applications almost limitless. Much like when 3D printing was developed, the applications it could potentially be used for was unknown by its inventors. The Fyous team is now undertaking this period of discovery with PolyMorphic moulding, uncovering potential applications for this technology at an exponential rate." 

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About Fyous 

Fyous is the company behind the development of PolyMorphic moulding technology, initially targeted at creating bespoke footwear for athletes. Recognising the broader potential of their technology, Fyous has expanded its application to include medical and other industrial uses. Their proprietary manufacturing process allows for the rapid and accurate production of custom products, addressing significant challenges in various sectors. 

Co-founders Joshua Shires and Thomas Bloomfield have driven the company's mission to deliver a revolutionary moulding technology that will disrupt the manufacturing sector enabling products to be bought to market that were previously not commercially viable or enable products to be bought to market much faster. 

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