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New Renau Smart Kitchen Timer from FEM takes time management to a new level
 Time is of the essence

Renau Smart Kitchen Timer from FEM unlocks a kitchen’s potential


Time management is key to ensuring a kitchen is always running at peak performance, and effective time management calls for a top of the range smart kitchen timer. The new Renau SKT (Smart Kitchen Timer) now available from FEM is an innovative and complete solution to get the best out of a commercial kitchen.It can improve efficiency, quality and consistency while saving money by reducing waste, employee training time and operating costs. 

The Renau SKT’s powerful software accommodates even the largest menus. It can be used as a cook timer at the griddle or fryer, a freshness timer at a hot bar or holding cabinet, or a front of house timer for employee task reminders, such as wash hands or check coffee freshness. Operators can simultaneously run up to 1000 independent timers, eliminating the constraints of standard channel- based kitchen timers.

A glove-friendly 7.2cm touchscreen display uses tiles for clarity. Users can program an unlimited number of tiles, each containing a unique icon, description, timer, duty cycle and action message. The tile format is very clear and makes it quick and easy for kitchen staff to check the status of their tasks.  Programming and changes are made wirelessly through either a PC, laptop or the Renau configuration tool, and up to 200 individual tasks can be added. This customisation allows the SKT to adapt to a business’s exact requirements.

Numerous probe and sensor options are available for temperature, humidity, current and level monitoring. The SKT has a fully encapsulated control board for protection against heat, humidity and grease. It can be mounted with either horizontal or vertical screen orientations.

Measuring 197(w) x 35(d) x 88(h)mm the Renau SKT is available with a one-year warranty and a list price of £1,300.00.

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