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Keller’s new brochure for kitchen inspiration

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4 June 2024 

Keller's new brochure for kitchen inspiration

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Pictured left is the 2024/25 Keller Kitchens brochure. Pictured right is the Tuscan Villa kitchen.

Kitchen inspiration is exactly whatKellerprovides in the brand new 90-page brochure which showcases a range of fabulous new for 2024. The brochure features 20 kitchen styles and the new utility room range, while the huge variety of colours, finishes, sizes and accessories is explained.

The reader can also find pages on Dutch craftsmanship, sustainability, the Bergen Op Zoom factory and the brand's history.

For a copy of the brochure, visit Keller's website where a PDF version can bedownloaded.Alternatively, visit a local Keller retailer for the printed version. 

Keller is well known for offering the widest range of colours (2,050 NCS) and finishes in the kitchen furniture market - along with a vast range of cabinet options, all produced by the most sustainable means possible. The company is proud to be a Carbon Neutral kitchen manufacturer since 2017. *


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*Editors' note:

Parent company, DKG, has become the first kitchen manufacturer to reach the highest level on the CO2-Performance Ladder. The level 5 certificate demonstrates that the company has taken big steps to reduce carbon emissions. Not only internally, but throughout the entire supply chain. This makes Keller a leader in sustainable initiatives in the European kitchen industry.

The sustainable initiative aligns with the Dutch government's ambition to achieve a fully circular economy by 2050. This requires thousands of companies large and small to transition to a new way of working.


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