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Fintech KOGOPAY Facilitates Ultimate Retirement Living In Thailand

London, England - KogoPAY, a leading payment platform, has solidified its partnership with The Estate (Thailand) by MQDC (Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited) to ensure secure financial transactions for UK and European citizens opting to retire in Thailand.

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Description automatically generatedThe Forestias in Bangkok is a pioneering model of community that harmoniously combines nature and human habitats setting a global standard for sustainable living for all generations. And at its heart lies the Aspen Tree which embodies visionary retirement living for individuals aged 50 and above.

The Aspen Tree blends futuristic architecture and charming residences amidst a verdant forest backdrop, where top-tier amenities meet state-of-the-art medical care. The blending of these elements fosters a vibrant and inclusive community providing residents with a wide array of activities and amenities to guarantee a rich and rewarding lifestyle.

Through a strategic partnership with BAYCREST, a global leader in residential living and healthcare, the Aspen Tree's comprehensive lifetime care, focuses on preventive health and wellness programs. Daily health and wellness activities cater to active ageing and prevention designed to promote physical health and mental acuity. Residents benefit from the presence of doctors, nurses, and nutritionists, as well as an on-site Health and Brain Centre to support their health and well-being as they age.

To facilitate their retirement in Thailand, UK and European citizens planning to move to the Aspen Tree for 5 years and over will be granted visas and substantial healthcare insurance, ensuring they can fully immerse themselves within this dynamic retirement sanctuary.

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Description automatically generatedNarisa Chauvidul-Aw, the founder and CEO of KogoPAY, the financial partner appointed to support this bold initiative, sheds light on Thailand's growing appeal as a retirement haven for UK and European citizens:

"Thailand's magnetic charm stems from its remarkable blend of world-class healthcare services, exemplified by the unparalleled care offered in private hospitals, coupled with its remarkably affordable cost of living and vibrant lifestyle.

"Moreover, Bangkok, a bustling metropolis pulsating with life through its dynamic streets, lively markets, and deep-rooted cultural heritage, is already attracting a burgeoning number of overseas retirees. This fuels our commitment to provide UK and European citizens with a retirement solution backed by KogoPAY's secure payment platform, to enable them to embark on a new and exciting chapter of their lives with ease and financial peace of mind."

With KogoPAY as the official payment partner, retirees can expect streamlined and secure financial transactions, enhancing their experience within the Aspen Tree and making their retirement dreams in Thailand a reality.

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About KogoPAY

KogoPAY is a socially conscious fintech company in London with other offices in Bangkok, Vilnius and Dubai.

The company provides banking services, IBAN accounts for B2B, a mobile e-wallet with QR Code payment and plans to implement virtual IBAN accounts in GBP and EUR in different currencies as well as a blockchain wallet. The company's goal is to transform mobile payments in the UK and Europe by making QR payments as ubiquitous as they are in Asian markets. KogoPAY however is not just a payment platform. Its mission is to create an ecosystem that benefits the whole of society and makes it easy for people to transfer money globally. KogoPAY enables anyone to send money quickly to friends and family, make easy business transactions and helps charities receive donations with minimal costs. The company was founded by the CEO Dr. Narisa Chauvidul-Aw who has extensive experience both in academia and business as a lecturer and a chief financial officer for a range of medium-sized companies.  She holds a PhD in compliance and information systems from the London School of Economics and Political Science.