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A breath of fresh air in the kitchen with the new Caple Plasma

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4 April 2024

A breath of fresh air in the kitchenwith the new Caple Plasma air cleaning solution - patented PlasmaMade® technology

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Pictured is the Zodiac wall chimney hoodwith aplasma filter-a Caple hood/plasmapackage.

Most kitchen spaces and schemes use outdoor extraction or carbon filters to remove cooking odours and these can be costly and unsustainable in the long term. Developed in answer to demand from retailers, designers and homeowners, the new patented PlasmaMade® E-Filter fromCapleis a revolutionary plasma filter with E-technology that offers a modern solution.

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Pictured is the 75cm built-under cooker hood in black glass with aplasma filter-a Caple hood/plasmapackage.


The PlasmaMade® filtering technology uses individual techniques, which include the combination of Plasma and electrostatic discharge (ESD),to break down unpleasant smells and substances and recirculate clean and fresh air back into the room.


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This compact product not only rids odours with plasma; it also tackles fine dust, pollen and other contaminants using cutting-edge ESD technology combined in one filter, making it one of a kind and worldwide patented.


An important advantage of a recirculation filter is that the occupant saves a significant amount of money on heating costs as the filter keeps the warm or cool air inside. In addition, thePlasmaMade® Filteris 97% recyclable and, with correct use and regular cleaning of the grease filter of the extractor hood, the filter will last up to 15 years practically maintenance free.


This "plug and play" product could not be easier to install and operate; it is simply attached to the hood and the plug is inserted.

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The award-winning* company will be exhibiting atKBB 2024. Join them on stand L80 to experience high-quality kitchen appliances and stylish sinks and taps. The Caple experts will be on the stand to give visitors the tour and to talk through the latest launches.

*Caple's second showroom, in Leeds, has won Best Trade Showroom of the Year at the 2023 Designerati Awards. This award joins an array of other industry recognitions the brand has received over the years.

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