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Eduard Shyfrin Bands Together Musical Group Shyfrin Alliance




(Press Release, March 2024)


Introducing the Shyfrin Alliance



Introducing the award-winning scientist and businessman Eduard Shyfrin with his life-affirming debut single ‘Whiskey Blues' - a modern blues-rock classic set to release April 26th.





A thrilling melange of hammond organ, gospel-blues chorus, blues guitar licks, Eduard's distinctive and authoritative bass voice and a driving rhythm, ‘Whiskey Blues' compels the listener to seize the moment as it captures the need to overcome life's difficulties.


"We have different days, sometimes difficult, sometimes gloomy. But we should go on! We should continue and overcome and move on. That's the underlying motive of this song. It's important,"says its writer.


The song's title was inspired by Eduard's love of whiskey, but the singer-songwriter's vast life experience inspired the lyrics and the refrain "Whiskey Blues is playing in my soul."


"I try not to write meaningless lyrics without a message - I'm not interested in that,"he explains."For me the message - the lyric - is very important."


Classically trained on piano in Ukraine as a child, Eduard embarked on a career in metallurgy and business before a crisis drove him to find more meaning and purpose in life. He started exploring the deep world of Kabbalah and science, and published his Amazon bestseller ‘From Infinity to Man: The Fundamental Ideas of Kabbalah Within the Framework of Information Theory and Quantum Physics'. Some years later, he returned to playing music, and his radically changed mindset, research and life experience have now culminated in Shyfrin Alliance - his first ever album of intoxicating rock, blues and romantic balladry, composed entirely by Eduard himself.


Eduard Shyfrin is a singular talent, and one that will get under your skin and into your soul. Stay up to date bypre-saving and pre-ordering at the links below:


Whiskey Blues:

Upside Down:







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